Classic Sonic Levels in 3D (Dreamcast)

Cedeo said:
Sonic Adventure was probably the last decent 3D Sonic.
I can't speak from experience because SA 2 was the last Sonic game I've played period. The character design was inspired when it was just Sonic, Tales, and Robotnik/Eggman, but since the stable of characters has grown it makes everything seem like stale retreads. All the characters are starting to look the same.


I have assigned to you one day for each year its punishment will last.
I still have the game, but i could never get all 'A's on every stage. I want to play this stage so bad!
This is obviously very old since it's been known pretty much since the game released.

I was never able to play the level though since you have to collect all 180 emblems in the game to unlock it.
Streaks said:
level was awesome except for that horrible camera....i thought the guy was gonna die 4xs watching that video
:lol :lol

I thought the same thing. The guy must have trial and errored his way through a few times, because there are parts when he's in the air and does a blind dash and lands safely. Either that or he just had a sense that if he dashed to the right the ground would be waiting.
If only they focused their next game around this level...

Sonic Team could start by deeply studying the art direction and music of classic Sonic and trying to alter this level into the best it could possibly be, control and camera wise as well. Then they could use the level as a basis for the rest of the game, all in next-gen glory. Of course, this is Sonic Team i'm talking about here...

It requires effort.
I always heard about it, but I never saw it until now. I had about 161 emblems but could never get those last ones, especially the stupid driving stages.

I agree that Sonic Adventure 2 was the last good Sonic game. I also bought Sonic Heroes, and it sucked horribly. Never bought another Sonic game again.
The level plays pretty well imo, first camera is there just for the classic side on view but works pretty bad but the rest of the level is constructed well. Shame it's too short.

One of the best levels in sonic adventure 2 and a bitch to unlock.
Never heard of this. The sprites are nice, but they are all kind of... off somehow. The sidescrolling looks cool, but the "3D" Doom-like parts look pretty bad. Are sprites moving thorugh a polygonal environment really considered 3D anyway? If so, SA2 still wins by default in my book.
I wasnt able to get A ranks in all levels, so out of curiosity i downloaded a 100% completion file after i finished the game. I think that the level, even though it had a very annoying camera, was a good addition.
cjelly said:
That is awful.

Truly, truly, awful. Sonic fans have not only failed me, they've failed the whole Internet.
I downloaded the game, and I don't like it.

It basically has graphics on the level of Marathon, and the sprites aren't even cropped right. Control is downright funky, I can't even stop my character from falling off a cliff! How can you compare this shoddy piece of work to Sonic Adventure 2, one of the best Sonic games of all time after Sonic and Knuckles?
This makes me want a New Super Sonic for DS. Remake 1-3 and Sonic and Knuckles with Sonic Rush graphics. Also does anyone know if theres any "adventure" aspect to Sonic Rush Adventure?
Avalon said:
Wow. Does that game play as bad as it looks?
if your talking about that download game posted, then yes.

think of it someone kicking you in the balls over and over again, but he keeps missing, so when he finally does kick you in the balls, your legs are broken.
This is the first time I ever heard about this. Why didn't the whole game look like this? I might have bought it (if they fixed the camera). :\

C'mon SEGA, awesome 3D remake of Sonic 3 & Knuckles! Do it! I BELIEVE IN YOU!
No, I don't.
Nostalgic music? Check.
Nostalgic level? Check.
Nostalgic fish enemy? Check.
Shit camera that is shit? Check.

It would be too easy to ask for a full game based off this. I can even forgive the wonky camera to see the rest of the classic zones reimagined.

Or, dare I dream, Sonic CD: HD Remix?
SA2: (Battle) was the last decent sonic 3D game(not including Secret Rings), it was actually fun to play at times. Sure the shooting stuff sucked and so did the emerald hunt, but it had some really fast action in the Sonic and Shadow levels.
I would love a Mario or Sonic game like that secret level.

The bowser levels in Mario64 were so great.

Shame those days are gone. viva la 3D and more SHadow the Hedghog games!
I wouldn't mind if Sega remade all of the stages from S1-3 like this... even if the camera DOES suck.

This made me want to listen to ALL of the songs again ;__;
Streaks said:
level was awesome except for that horrible camera....i thought the guy was gonna die 4xs watching that video
That describes Sonic Adventure 2 perfectly. Sadly, they somehow only managed to make the controls/camera worse as the series progressed in 3D.
3d Sonics would actually rule if they kept the platforming and superhighspeed-sections seperate. Now going fast just confuses the camera, which leads to crappy gameplay. Or something, havent really played 3d Sonics in few years