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Clonk Endeavour, Go play it... NOW!


First of all, check out the Trailer.

Second of all: I got the Clonk bug. Last time I played Clonk was back in 2001 and I loved it and now I wanted to play some more and I got hooked on it. So I figured if my fellow Gaffers don't have anything to play you should check out Clonk Endeavour. It is freeware game nowdays and you can download it from the official site http://www.clonk.de/.

Clonk is an entertaining, action-packed game of strategy, tactics, and skill. It can be played by a single player, with up to four players on one computer, or any number of players in local networks or via internet.

The game is played in realtime rounds in which each player controls his hardy crew of clonks in order to either mine resources and build up a base or eliminate the opponent's crew.

Run-time generated or predefined landscapes feature everything from hills, mountains, lakes, deserts, arctic wastelands to volcanic rocks, islands floating in mid-air or suboceanic terrain. This guarantees a neverending variety of scenarios.

Experience changing weather conditions with rain, snow, thunderstorms, as well as tectonics and hectic animal activity. A unique physics engine allows rain, flowing water, crumbling earth, snow drifts, lakes of lava...

Build new structures using materials you have created in complex production chains. Extend your base and prepare for battle by developing new weapons and tactics.

There is an almost unlimited number of options to customize the game. Experienced players can create their own scenarios and set individual game goals to create new mission objectives.

Clonk is a strongly community based game. There are thousands of players in Germany and around the world who meet, play, edit, develop, and extend this game every day and have filled the 14-year-history of this project with unceasing activity.

Expansion packs (Official ones are included in Endeavour):

* Knights: Medieval object pack, in which knights fight each other with axes, swords and bows by foot or on horse. Castles can be built using a modular castle building system and some medieval economy branches are available.

* Hazard: A futuristic pack, in which Clonks fight against aliens or other Clonks using a variety of weapons such as HM, Missiles, Sonic guns, Shrunk Gun, to more simplistic guns like Phasers.

* Far worlds: Three elaborate scenarios (deep sea, jungle and Arctic), in which the Clonks live in inhospitable areas, where mere survival is a challenge. Out of the three Arctic is the most challenging, requiring the Clonks to eat food regularly and be constantly mindful of the cold to avoid dying.

* Golems: Clonkian magicians receive the ability to animate statues into Golems.

* Fantasy: Dragons, magic, adventures and more. This extension adds new spells to the current magic system.

* Western: Cowboys, Indians and accessories.

* Unofficial: http://www.ccan.de Tons of interesting scenarios, objects and etc. made by the awesome and hard working Clonk community.

Sorry, online support for Clonk Endeavour is terminated now that Clonk Rage is out (Rage is not free). Still there is split-screen opiton and it is lots of fun. So get your
friends together and have some local fun. If you want to play online go on and buy Clonk Rage, it is awesome game too.

Why should you play Clonk ? Well it is really funny game and same time very addictive. It is best to play with friends (local FTW). Build awesome castle complex, or underground/water bases, catapul bee hives to your friends village or why not monster eggs while you are at it ? And with upcoming interesting expansion projects like Clonk Mars and Modern Combat, how can you pass this game ?

Clonk Mars:

Modern Combat:


Useful links:

English FAQ
Fan site with loads of mods and other neat stuff. German only.
Clonk community site German and English.
Official site.
this game is so much fun. I'm glad I bought it back in those days (I've bought Clonk 4, that's even before endeavour)

You should look for the accumulator building before playing to ensure you never run out of energy. Because it sucks if you are stuck in the lift because there is no wind outside or your generator burned down :D

I always try to build up an underground village but that's not thaaat easy if you play with energy and building only with ressources ;)
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