Composer Normand Corbeil, 56, passed away on January 26

Very sad news.

Montreal-native composer, Normand Corbeil, passed away yesterday.

He's been responsible for many TV and movie soundtracks, but may be more well-known around here as David Cage's collaborator on the fantastic Heavy Rain soundtrack.

He was working on Beyond: Two Souls, no idea if his work was finished or not.

My thoughts go to his friends and family.
Heavy Rain had plenty of flaws, but its OST was excellent. It did a fantastic job of setting the tone of the game and each protagonist had a distinct theme that set the mood. The main melody played throughout the game (here, for example) is one of those things that has stayed with me long after beating the game, which I can't say for a lot of other game themes.

Apparently he was working on Beyond's OST as well. I wonder how much he was able to produce and who's going to replace him.

Aww that's awful, his soundtrack for Heavy Rain was flawless. And he was working on the score for Beyond too? I wonder how much of it was completed before his passing. Most of it I hope.


Edit - You know, I think the thread title should be edited to bring more awareness to who the man was. "Heavy Rain composer" or something like that.
Damn. I didn't know he was the one to have done Heavy Rain, and I'm a fellow Québécois. As many problems as Heavy Rain had, its soundtrack was not one of them.

Here is a thread where his son posted some information:

- Dad, 56, diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer August 15, 2012.
- Dad passed away January 25, 2013 at 2:56 PM.
That is the same thing that Steve Jobs died from i think (not sure at which stage though, but it was pancreatic cancer).

Really sad to hear when people pass away in a younger age :( Especially when they have a family. Rest in peace.
This is very sad to hear for me. He really inspired me with his music and it surely is one of the major reasons I was even so interested in Heavy Rain.

The ost alone in the opening credits sequences sold me on his extremely amazing work. His music expressed what pictures alone would not have been able to do.

One of the most memorable scenes in gaming right at the beginning enabled by his themes:

Thank you for the inspiration! Time to continue practicing the Heavy Rain piano suite.