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Social Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Analysis: Good News For PS4 Pro... But What About Other Consoles?

Sub Boss

Mar 6, 2013
They give a shit. They are dumping a ton of resources into trying to fix this, unlike other games like Mass Effect Andromeda that just abandoned their games.

But they also bit off way more than they can chew. They clearly didn't start working on console until way too late, after they had already built the begins and assets in a way that wouldn't really work well on console. There's not an easy fix here they could do but don't want to. They're doing what they can, they just fucked up bad.

People think optimization is just about efficient code. It's also about how you build your assets, about how you design the engine. To really make this game work WELL on last gen you would have to totally remake it.
You are not disagreeing with me dude,they announced this game years ago when we didn't even know of PS5Series X, (i think on an xbox ONE event?)CDPR had the chance to prepare the tools for last gen.just like all other companies, or at least cancel them to focus on PC and PS5Series if it was too much trouble, instead they released a broken product to their fans and just released a 40 GB patch that makes the game somewhat playable on PS4pro 🤷‍♂️


May 1, 2020
I glanced over the PCGamer article the other day. I dropped it like a stone at 90 hours after getting stuck in a vending machine. Haven't played it this year. Not since Evolve have I bounced off a game so hard. I will drag myself to the end at some point but man it's the fucking soggiest of squibs. What a colossal let down.
Was it terrible after 10 hours? 30 hours? 50 hours? 75 hours??? But at 90 hours!!!!!

I admire your resilience.
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Mar 4, 2014
Was it terrible after 10 hours? 30 hours? 50 hours? 75 hours??? But at 90 hours!!!!!

I admire your resilience.

Yeah.. Me either.


I honestly don't know what I do in these games :D


Apr 13, 2016
I just now bought the day 1 edition for the series X for €24,99. Not going to play until it's fully patched, but I don't mind paying this price now.