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  • Developer - FROM Software
  • Publisher(s) - [JPN/ASIA] FROM Software / [NA/PAL] NAMCO Bandai Games
  • Director - Hidetaka Miyazaki
  • Platform(s) - PlayStation 3 [JPN/NA/PAL/ASIA] / XBOX 360[NA/PAL/ASIA]
  • Rating(s) CERO: D / ESRB: M / PEGI: 16
Enter a dark world filled with despair and threaded by hope where your ability to creatively strategize, learn and overcome unpredictable and unique challenges determines your fate. Dark Souls will demand your absolute concentration, unflinchingly punish your mistakes, but reward your ability to learn from death. Each challenge is a mind game met with endless combinations that will test your ability to creatively strategize a way to conquer unimaginable monsters and progress deeper into this bleak and forbidding environment filled with the un-dead.
  • Extremely Deep, Dark & Difficult - Unforgiving in its punishment, yet rewarding for the determined - learn to strategize freely and conquer seemingly impossible challenges. You will organically design your own gameplay style by developing your character and continuously trying different strategies to finally achieve successful progression.
  • Fully Seamless World - Explore a completely integrated world of dark fantasy where dungeons are seamlessly intertwined, with great height.
  • Mastery Earns Progression - Contains 60 hours of gameplay, with nearly 100 uniquely despair-inducing monsters & an incredibly nuanced weaponry & magic spells system, the effectiveness of which is determined by combat situation, fighting style and character attributes. Player success depends on their eventual mastery of how and when to use the magic spells, choice of armor, the number of weapons, the types of weapons, and the moves attached to the weapons.
  • Network Play - Players may cross paths with one another, interacting with each other throughout the game even as each player plays their own game. Networked play allows users to cross paths with one another to enhance the single-player gameplay experience without destroying it.
  • Flexible Character Development & Role Play - As the player progresses, they must carefully choose which of their character's abilities to enhance as this will determine their progression style. Players can choose to play as a sword master and a wizard, for example.
  • Community - See other real players and empathize with their journey, learn from seeing how others died, find and leave messages for your fellow players; helping them or leading them into death.
  • Symbolic of Life & Hope - The Beacon Fire is an important feature of Dark Souls for many reasons. Though in gameplay it serves as a recovery and re-spawn point for players whose health gets low, it is also where players can emotionally share experiences with other players, and is the one place in the dark world where players can find a fleeting moment of warmth and calm.

  • 9 / 22 / 2011 [JPN]
  • 10 / 04 / 2011 [NA]
  • 10 / 07 / 2011 [PAL]
  • *10 / 04 / 2011 [ASIA]
- * [ASIA] version release date information "scarce"; most likely on or around 10/04-10/07.

  • [JPN] *¥ 7,800 - ¥ 9,500
  • [NA] $ 59.99
  • [PAL] *£ 36.91 - £ 39.99
  • [ASIA] *$ 53.90 - $ 64.90
- *Pricing may vary depending on version and purchase location. If/when considering Import copies, realize there may be price mark-up. Prices taken from Play-Asia, Amazon UK, GAME UK, Amazon US.​
- Pre-orders for [NA/PAL] are automatically upgraded to Collector's Edition for a limited run. [JPN] version sold as two separate versions, different prices. (source: GAF / worldrevolution)

  • Covenants - When exploring the game world, specific opportunities will allow the player to ally with a specific person/object. This oath/allegiance system is called a Covenant. It's a new, unique feature to the Dark Souls online experience which adds immersion and anticipation. Covenants could potentially align your character with other players, or create tension and competition as enemies. This system is dissimilar to an "MMO guild", but will allow the game to create a unique gaming experience for each player. Known covenants: Way of White, Princess's Guard, Forest Hunter, Gravelord Servant, Chaos Servant, Path of the Dragon, Warrior of Sunlight, Blades of the Darkmoon, and Darkwraiths.
  • Gravelord - Think Demon's Souls was hard? Gravelord intensifies the experience of online gameplay and invasion through sabtoage. Invoking the power of Gravelord ups the difficulty of a random player's world when in a given area. To remove the curse, the affected player must find the Gravelord markings, allowing him/her to invade then kill the caster. The tension this creates will no doubt enhance the challenge of the game.
  • Global Servers - According to an early interview, players will be able to connect globally, regardless of game version.
He also confirms that Dark Souls is not just a worldwide game in terms of release, but also in the the online space. He was disappointed that they could not implement an online system for Demon’s Souls where all players could play together, and it’s a pity because the online system was specifically designed such that it did not require direct interaction between languages. For Dark Souls you will be able to play with players all over the world.
- Early interview information, most likely still valid. Unfortunately, I've heard conflicting reports more recently. This issue needs some confirmation, I'll try to get it.​

Disclaimer: There's been various provisional cover artwork released, as well CE packaging, final artwork MAY vary but I've tried to post artwork that has been "confirmed" as official.

Collector's Editions

  • [NA] Collector's Edition consists of a cheap quality tin case, and digital collectibles. It will include a digital download code for the soundtrack and limited edition artbook. It also includes a behind-the-scenes/making of video. The physical strategy guide has been replaced with a mini, digital version.
  • [PAL] Collector's Edition consists of a "digipak" cardboard case. This edition comes with a physical soundtrack, Making Of video disc, digital "guide" and physical artbook.
  • [JPN] Collector's/"Award" Edition comes with a fold-out map of the Castle area depicted in demonstrations, and a physical soundtrack. There's been no other information (that I can find) about other goodies.
  • [ASIA] Collector's Edition information is scarce, but Play-Asia lists it and shows something similar to the [PAL] edition. My guess it includes more of the same; making of video, soundtrack, some form of artbook, and guide.
- Again, packaging for these Collector's Editions have been announced, but it's hard to say what will be the final look considering the different cover artwork. This especially goes for the [ASIA] version.
Strategy Guide
Strategy guide is being published by Future Press:​

Going into Dark Souls unaided will get you killed. A lot. Even armed with the complete knowledge of the game that this guide will provide, you’re still certain to die at least a few times. But when a gigantic demon takes you by surprise you’ll at least have a chance to not lose everything. This is a true survival guide for a game that’s almost impossible to survive.

Area Guide Walkthrough
The Walkthrough makes use of detailed maps to guide you in exploring every inch of the game’s huge world. Learn the most useful shortcuts and find all of the hidden areas.

Enemy Encyclopedia
Everything you need to know to tackle the game’s army of lethal foes is contained in one easy-to-use reference chapter. Tactics, data and attack details for all enemies will prove an invaluable resource.

Weapons & Equipment
Weapons, Armor and Magic are all covered in exhaustive detail. Full stats, locations, upgrade paths and usage strategies are provided so you can easily compare all of the options when choosing your equipment.

All Items
The complete item lists reveal every last consumable, accessory, upgrading material and offensive item. Quickly discover where to find each one and how to make the most of them.

Everything Uncovered
Discover how to unlock every Achievement or Trophy and learn the secrets of Dark Souls’ unique online multiplayer mode.

**PLEASE NOTE: Spoilers may be contained within these videos. Watch at your own risk!

Wanderer Gameplay (Cam / XBOX 360)​
Gametrailers.com | Tutorial Gameplay (Cam / XBOX 360)​
Gametrailers.com | Hero Creation Gameplay (Cam / XBOX 360)​
Gametrailers.com | Deprived "Demo" Gameplay (Cam / XBOX 360)​

  • TGS 2011 | The first 30 minutes of Dark Souls - Allistair Pinsof

Gametrailers.com | Dukes Archives Walkthrough (Cam / PS3)​

Gametrailers.com | Undead Chapel/Courtyard (Cam / PS3)​

Pyromancer Gameplay​

Gametrailers.com | Black Knight Walkthrough (Cam / PS3)​
Gametrailers.com | "Demo" Walkthrough / Solaire of Astora (Cam / PS3)​
Gametrailers.com | Random Gameplay Clips (Cam / PS3)​

- More Coming soon

- Translated Tidbits (Credit: Otaku_Oyabunn)


moonspeak said:
RedSwirl said:

*To cut down on the length of this post, I'm linking to the first post in the Review thread. Updated review listings are posted there.

Review Listings



  • Warrior - "Fearless" warrior / Weapons expert / High strength, dexterity
  • Knight - "Low-ranking" Knight / High HP, heavy armor / Sturdy
  • Wanderer - "Aimless" wanderer / Wields scimitar / High dexterity
  • Thief - "Guilt-ridden" Thief / High critical hits / Master key
  • Bandit - "Savage" bandit / High strength / Wields heavy battle axe
  • Hunter - "Bow-wielding" hunter / Average close range / Magic vulnerable
  • Sorcerer - "Sorcerer of Vinheim" / Dragon school / Casts soul sorceries
  • Pyromancer - "Great Swamp" pyromancer / Casts fire / Wields hand axe
  • Cleric- Cleric on pilgrimage / Wields a mace / Casts healing miracles
  • Deprived - Unclothed enigma / Armed with club / Plank shield

  • Blessing of the Goddess - Consumable item that fully restores HP and clears negative effects.
  • Black Firebomb - Thrown item that creates a powerful blaze. Start with 10.
  • Telescope - Used to see distant objects, threats, scenery and enemies. Considered a "key item" and can be used more than once.
  • Pendant - An item filled with "blocked memories".
  • Humanity's Twin - Obtainable from other Black Phantoms. Possibly used to restore character's Humanity.
  • All-purpose Key - A Master Key that can open any door with SIMPLE locks. Not obtainable in the game world.
  • Ring of Life - Increases maximum HP by a small amount.
  • Ring of the Aged Witch - Current usage/benefit unkown.

NAMCO Bandai / Preparetodie.com
FROM Software - Official Blog (Japanese)
FROM Software (Japanese)
FROM Software (English)
Dark Souls | Facebook
DARK SOULS Walkthrough w/ Maps ("Hand made maps")
Livedoor JPN Wiki
Wikispaces - JPN Sister Wiki
Dark Souls Wikidot | Now up! Help start compiling information
TV Tropes | Dark Souls

Beginner's "Mini-Guide" (Credit: V_Arnold)

V_Arnold said:
Character creation:
You are free to decide what class you are going for. In the first ten-fifteen hours of gameplay, you will unlock every single spell and/or starting weapon/armor vendor. The one class that is last unlocked this way is the Pyromancer: if you want lethal magic, he is one of the safest bets you can get. You are not locked to anything! You can alter your stats later on, you can equip any weapon that your stats allow to do comfortably so, and you can cast spells as long as you have the required faith/intelligence/casting item). To cast spells, you will need to set your talisman(cleric)/wand(sorcerer)/glove(pyromancer) to your secondary weapon slot, and upon switching on it, the Attack will be the cast of your selected spell.

Starting item: Master key is a useful and otherwise unobtainable accessory that lets you open some basic locked doors, so it is pretty much a good starting item, one that you will not regret to choose.

Stats and combat information:
The combat is very simple and straightforward once you familiarize yourself with how it works. Basically, your health (determining stat: Vitality) reaches zero, you die. You have a second, green slot (determining stat: Endurance) which depletes if you perform action such as blocking an attack, rolling, jumping, attacking (heavy attacks are more exhausting than simple attacks). If you decide to block an attack with one weapon or two weapon equipped, the amount of damage that will get through is the attack's damage minus the reduced amount of your weapon's "physical block". The shields are way more effective if you plan on blocking a lot (which you should), quickly reaching the 90-100% block damage reduce area where you really take no damage if you block. The two main melee/ranged combat stat is strength and dexterity. Straightforward weapons such as maces require no high dexterity, and bows require no strenght - the others require a healthy, balanced towards one or other mix of the two. Increase these if you plan on engaging close quarter/ranged combat - which you will, believe me, unless you are insanely good and a tactical mastermind at the same time - then feel free to equip only spells.

Parrying and finding openings: Just as when you miss your hit, you are vulnerable for counterattacks, so does your opponents. Everything is fair game for them just as for you. The two main thing is: after you block a hit from an opponent, you can usually hit back with a fast attack, and it will connect. You can parry also, which is hitting the (LT on 360, ?? on PS3) button just once he is swinging towards you with his weapon. After this, a sound effect confirms your parry, and a normal attack will be a cinematic attack with increased damage - usually killing any normal mob if your weapon is upgraded properly (see more on this later). While you are engaged in a parry cinematic, you are IMMUNE TO ALL INCOMING DAMAGE SOURCES! Meaning that sometimes it can very easily save you - but it will be your risk to take.

Equiping more than one spell: For example, you start out with Soul Arrow (30 charges) as a Sorcerer, but once you buy more Soul Arrow spells, you can equip more (how much? Determining stat: Attunement. -11: 1 slot. 12-13: 2 slot, ...). Sorceries scale with your Intellect, and Miracles scale with your Faith. All spells scale with strenghtening your catalyst (wand, trinket, glove, etc) - or in Pyromancy's case, that is the main source of improvement, rather than relying on a sole stat.

The most common pitfalls in combat:
-Chain hitstun: If you engage 4-5 opponents by going into a room where they are, chances are that you will have to block the first, then the second, then the third, and by the time you blocked all (and ran out of endurance to act), the first mob will already start his second attack. Do not do this. Plan ahead by having always a path open for a small retreat - you will be comfortable with faking a retreat than hitting back, if the mob's weapon and behavior is compatible with this playstyle - but do not engage more than 2 mobs together unless you are really, really good, or simply are overgeared and confident. See: death section ;)
-Falling down: Yep. Everyone can be tossed down from a cliff/building. If you have no wall behind your back, you will be pushed down even if you block, however slightly. Blocked and connected attacks push everything, you can kill and you can be killed by being pushed down on such places. If any mob dies while you are nearby, you will gain the soul from its death, but any potential loot gained will be lost if he falls to the Void.
-Forcing parry too much: The mobs have a tendency to sometimes switch it up, attacking more faster or slower than usual. So parry only when you are sure that the attack that is coming is at the speed that you anticipate. Sometimes it is much easier to just block the hit and counterattack immediately.

Roll > Block: Especially with bosses, their hits are HUGE. They can deplete your stamina by 50% with one hit if you decide to block - and if that attack has a followup, you will be toppled sooner or later, with no option to counterattack. Find the pattern, roll if you can, cause that costs less endurance than blocking the hits. This is not always the case in tight spaces and non-bossfights, but you will know it in time.

About Bonfires, Death and Humanity:

Bonfires:Bonfires are like Save Points. While you can save anywhere if you quit the game, the Bonfires are the place where you will be resurrected once you die. At the bonfire, you can replenish spells (automatic), decide to learn new spells (or set the spells you already know to your slots, to be more precise) (non-automatic), refill Estus Flasks (automatic, they are the healing potion of the game), level up (non-automatic), Kindle Bonfire (non-automatic, has a cost of 1 Humanity and a requirement of being in Human form, see later) which doubles the Estus Flasks regained in this bonfire, and reverse hollowing (non-automatic, cost 1 Humanity, turns you to human form). If you reached a point where you will most likely stay for a while, go for it, and reverse Hollowing, Kindle, then enjoy having more potions starting from here.

Death: If you die, you lose all collected Souls, and you lose your humanity points. If you were Human upon death, you will lose your human form, and be a Hollow again. If you can succesfully run back to your corpse (marked by a green flashing stuff on the ground), you can regain your lost humanity points and souls, but you will NOT revert back to human form. If you die again, the souls and the humanity points will be lost permanently, and a new green flashing stuff will appear, in the place you last died. If you fall off from somewhere, your "corpse" will appear in the last valid and reachable position in the map, nearby to the place you died.

Humanity: Humanity is a farming-heavy stuff, basically. Humanity exists in two forms. One is items, that can be stored, are not lost upon death (such as "Humanity" and "Twin Humanities"), other is Humanity in its active form. You can randomly(to be confirmed) get active humanity points while you play, you can get active humanity by killing invading Spirits (other players with humanity). You can only be invaded if you are in Human form. You will gain more chance to have loot from enemies with every new humanity point you have. It is around 125 percent with 2 humanities, and around 145-150 with 8 points, will post proper points later. You can check this in the stat screen. The increase is present even with Hollow-form, so you need not spend point on being a non-hollowed if you just want to farm and does not want to get invaded/invade. Humanity is a requirement for kindling and reversing hollowing process, and Rats have a quite good chance of dropping it, so do not worry about it too much, you will have your chance to get LOTS of it.

About item upgrades:

There are several kinds of Item Improving methods, but this guide will only cover the most basic one - the others just require a different item, and the process is the same. If you are with the blacksmith or have the toolbox needed, you can repair and/or improve your armor/weapon. Titanite Shard (can be bought for Souls by the blacksmith OR can be found on almost any enemies randomly, low chance drop) is used to turn into a "Longsword" for example into a "Longsword +1". It scales, so you will spend 1, then 1, then 2,2 shards per upgrade, and for +5, you will need 3 shards. The improvements are higher damage usually, you can check the stat differences by toggling the stat screen on the upgrade process. Upgrading armor gives you more resistance aswell, in addition to the armor/stability benefits.

If you hit a Stone Wall, with an unkillable (or so it seems) boss and nothing else to do:

- Make sure you are using the right weapons. Every weapon (at least every weapon type, but there are further differences even withing same weapon types) has a different attack animation, hitbox and attack length, recovery lenght. Make sure you are using one that you are comfortable with, can feel the limits easily, and does not get stuck in the enviroment too much. This is very important on bossfights too - you need to know the spacing of your weapons and attacks to properly counterattack after you roll out of danger on bosses.
- If you feel that you have the proper weapon and armor, upgrade them! Upgrading only costs souls (and once you meet the blacksmith, you can buy enough titanite shards to upgrade every basic item you want) if you have the upgrade indegriends, and it will have an immediate effect. You will oneshot mobs that needed two hits, two-shot mobs that needed 3, etc. It scales well, and upgrading armor means you will survive more hits, basically.
- Grind a few levels. Make sure to adress your problems in this grind process: if you need that more endurance for one more roll, or faster roll (Endurance increases the amount of armor you are capable to wear without being slowed down or having a longer roll animation), increase that in these levelups. If you need more health, increase the Vitality. If you have a fancy new potential weapon, but need more strength, increase that. Set a midterm goal that keeps you going on.
- Practice, if all else fails. Make sure to reach the boss with no humanity activated and too much souls, and just roll, evade as much as you can, and try to memorize their attack's distance, recovery time and speed. You will see the openings.
- Wander around somewhere else. Maybe you need to clear another area first. Dark Souls's world is vast, after all.

10 / 04 / 2011
DARK SOULS is now out in North America! To consolidate, in the next day or two I will be de-cluttering this post so I can add more information. I've added a "mini-guide" written by GAF's V_Arnold. It wouldn't fit in the OT without some tinkering with the content there, and for convenience I'd rather not have a link. There's just so much information, so I hope it's not becoming too much. Enjoy!
DMPrince said:
sad to see that asian version isn't out the same time ;(
Yea, definitely sucks. Not much has been mentioned about that version. Was hoping I'd find more but I'm not even sure the cover art I listed is final.

There's English footage of most of the menus, and I believe the JPN version has English voice-overs. Only issue is probably popup messages, and item names/descriptions.

Orayn said:
Spiffy thread. What's up with the sub-title? I'm afraid I don't quite get it.
Haha, man that's a bummer.

I was trying to think of something good, but I failed.

Basically it's an anagram; if it doesn't go over well I'll put in a request for a change!
So, due to not owning a PS3, I never played Demon Souls.

Owning a 360, I will be able to play Dark Souls.

I've read that this is a spiritual(soulful?) successor to Demon Souls as opposed to a direct sequel, is this true?

Will I be missing out (plotwise) by having not played Demon Souls?


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I'm leaning towards Thief for my first build. I like lurking in the shadows and sneaking around, and the master key sounds useful.

Man, I can't believe this is less than a month away. So hyped.
Just read Eurogamer's preview and I love how the bonfire system works, restoring your health but resetting all enemies in the vicinity. Bahaha! Can't wait.

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The sequel to the game that saved this generation. It's crazy thinking I could buy this next week but I'm probably going to just import the US version..maybe..
Dmax3901 said:
I've read that this is a spiritual(soulful?) successor to Demon Souls as opposed to a direct sequel, is this true?
Yes, in every way. The core gameplay and atmosphere are very similar, but the mechanics have been expanded upon greatly.
Dmax3901 said:
Will I be missing out (plotwise) by having not played Demon Souls?
Nope. There will be a plenty of shout-outs to Demon's Souls and King's Field, but the story is completely self-contained.
Dmax3901 said:
So, due to not owning a PS3, I never played Demon Souls.

Owning a 360, I will be able to play Dark Souls.

I've read that this is a spiritual(soulful?) successor to Demon Souls as opposed to a direct sequel, is this true?

Will I be missing out (plotwise) by having not played Demon Souls?
While the gameplay systems are almost identical with enhancements of course, story wise there is no direct relation.

EDIT: What Orayn said
Dmax3901 said:
So, due to not owning a PS3, I never played Demon Souls.

Owning a 360, I will be able to play Dark Souls.

I've read that this is a spiritual(soulful?) successor to Demon Souls as opposed to a direct sequel, is this true?

Will I be missing out (plotwise) by having not played Demon Souls?
Its Demon Souls 2 in all but name.
QisTopTier said:
Awww no templar type this time around. Hmm wonder what I'll play then D:
Honestly it sounds like the Knight has replaced the Temple Knight; the Knight starts with a healing spell, indicating a proficiency in miracles maybe? Also the winged spear...

LeoStenbuck said:
No royal?! Me no buy....maybe I could try Wanderer.
To me it sounds like Sorcerer has replaced Royal; the descriptions make it seem like the Sorcerer is a well-educated, refined magician. The class also starts with Soul Arrow.

At first I was going to put up starting equipment, but not every class has had information regarding starting equipment revealed, so for cohesion I decided to keep it out for now.
QisTopTier said:
Awww no templar type this time around. Hmm wonder what I'll play then D:
Everyone can be a holy warrior of sorts, depending on which Covenant you take up. SPOILERS AHOY!

For heat/light/goodness and knightly allies, you want Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight.
To command the power of nature in all its chaotic glory, Izlith, the Witch of Chaos.
To be a blackguard with unholy abilities, team up with Nito, First of the Dead. There's also a secret covenant that most players won't even find on their first playthrough.
LeoStenbuck said:
No royal?! Me no buy....maybe I could try Wanderer.
Classes didn't even matter in Demon's Souls outside of the early game. Looks like they'll be much more distinct from each other this time around. I'm going with Wanderer or Thief the first playthrough, definitely.
Finally! Didn't manage to get into the discussion for Demon's Souls, but I'll be around and able to do the few posts I wanted for the successor.
Dmax3901 said:
I've read that this is a spiritual(soulful?) successor to Demon Souls as opposed to a direct sequel, is this true?

Will I be missing out (plotwise) by having not played Demon Souls?
It's true, so that means you'd miss nothing except MAYBE an appreciation of how the mechanics have evolved, and that's never worth skipping a game over.
GooeyHeat said:
How enjoyable will this be without online? My 360 is on the fritz and can't play on Live for more than 5 minutes.
FROM has said that they are also focusing on offline play for those that choose to do so; meaning, not playing online shouldn't hinder the experience.
Finally! The OT for my most anticipated game of 2011. Thanks, INDIGO_CYCLOPS.

BTW:Only thanks to your OT of Demon's Souls I bought the game in the first place.
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