Dead Rising 3 spotted on Steam Database

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I'll wait carefully, don't want to see another "Halo 3 on Steam!" happening.
Halo 3 is still happening!! ...

EDIT: Actually, regarding the Halo 2/3 thing, there have been rumors of a Halo collection for the Xbox One with updated versions of 1, 2, and 3. It makes sense that these would be the versions that would come to PC as well, methinks, and that they're not going to reveal the PC version until they reveal the Xbox One version.


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May actually buy it there.

Played the demo on my XBO but the graphics were horrid and XBO restrictions only let me try several minutes before locking me out.
If this is true, then consider me hyped. This was one of the games I was planning on getting an X1 for, but if it comes out for PC. Then that's even better.
I may double dip if this means I can replay it with a proper gamma setting. I'm surprised it's happening, though. I wonder if this is part of some other Capcom deal.
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