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Destiny 2 is attempting to correct itself (again); how much leeway should we give devs?


Mar 9, 2012
Well, we got stuff like 18 hours boss fight with AV and the very guide se throw out was lol. Those of us been with xi got more patient than most ningen

Don't forget about Pandemonium Warden! That one made people pass out. I miss that game in all of its savage and experimental design.


Feb 15, 2009
not when they nerf your accuracy
This right here is my biggest problem with Destiny. If Bungie removed those awful accuracy penalties the gameplay would feel amazing. But unfortunately they had to chase the ADS shooter audience (who is used to that shit) instead of sticking to the superior shooting mechanics of Halo1-3 (no accuracy penalties for hip-fire or while in the air)

I'm playing Destiny 2 right now (bought the complete edition recently) and yeah, it's pretty fun for an ADS shooter, but damn if I don't get get mad thinking how much better it would play if they removed those accuracy penalties...


Aug 20, 2014
Reading destiny "hate" threads is surreal. Here I am, enjoying d2 to death with my buddies, and here are ppl who - for all I can tell, dont play near as much as me (if at all), telling my how poorly I must feel, how hurt I am by bungies' decisions, how I feel ripped and how much I must hate the game.



Nov 19, 2018
Gf and I got it for free during that promotion in pc, played about 5-8 hrs co-op together, grindy game, boring story, don’t think I am gonna finnish it.


Oct 24, 2017
The game still needs a lot of tweaking. The exotic drop rate is very low, the drop rate of Forsaken exotics is abysmally low. I have 400+ hours of gameplay after Forsaken and I only have 8 Forsaken exotics, none of them are armor pieces.


Jan 15, 2018
I don’t mind the drop rate too much but it’s a tad low. I get that a lot of the more lucrative exotics are given away as quests but it’s still too low. I usually get one a week but it’s more like every two weeks... and I play regularly.

Actually not a fan of exotics being quests too much. The last word is my favorite d1 weapon but when it comes back in January I’m not going to be thrilled to see EVERYONE using it in crucible. I honestly miss everything being rng like vanilla d1.

Then again I don’t think xur should be selling exotics at all anymore. Whatever he’s getting reworked for next season or whatever the roadmap said.

All of that is the casual vs hardcore player debate again. I never want to see the game simplified again like in year 1 or see everything given out again. Current destiny is best destiny
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Oct 13, 2014
Played it at release because I could get it for half the price. Main story was ok with cool locations, but I instantly felt the devs haven't thought through much of the game and its concept. That, and the behaviour of Bungie thinking their players are the dumbest, made me lost interest in it forever. Upcoming add-ons with all the bad news around them just strengthened that feeling.

At this point, there is nothing Bungie could ever do to get me interested in Destiny 2 or any other of their upcoming MMO lite games ever again. It's okay though, not even mad because I wasn't even a fan of their work in the first place. I can easily move on.
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Feb 21, 2018
Destiny is a fucking great game. Awesome gameplay. Don’t take it too seriously and there’s a lot to enjoy.


Sep 17, 2005
Somewhere Cold
Nah it's the bloody useless Crooked Fang-4fr, i've got so many of them from Prime Engrams since the last patch.

See the overall lack of guns in this game to me is a major issue that I rarely see discussed more then it is. Feel like this annual pass thing would have been a great way to slowly release new and brought forward d1 legendaries to further enhance the gun pool.


Mar 2, 2012
The new dlc pissed me off, I'm not going to lie. But it's pretty awesome from what I have read. I'm almost at 600 so I should be in very soon.


Jan 15, 2018
The new dlc pissed me off, I'm not going to lie. But it's pretty awesome from what I have read. I'm almost at 600 so I should be in very soon.

All the dlc stuff is end game chase too. I like the activities and the nature of the roll out but it’s definitely not friendly to non-daily players and that’s a bit much.

By not being friendly meaning that to just even unlock these activities you need to know some of the ins and outs on how to discover some destiny secrets.

For example. I have a good friend of mine... He’s been playing destiny hardcore since the Crota expansion of the first game. But 4 weeks into forsaken launch he was playing and still didn’t know how to reach the dreaming city. Granted he’s always high as shit but it wasn’t obvious... just a curious item in your inventory. Same applies with black armory stuff. It’s not just gated by power level — it involves a good amount of investment just to unlock.

That’s where I think they made a bit of a mistake. People paid money for the annual pass and I believe they wanted access to more content immediately without having to wait for the roll out or have to put in a lot of work.

All these issues should resolve themselves as time passes. Just put it this way... if you’re not 600 yet... wait. You’re better off — there will be more content the longer you wait anyway... we just got a new forge today afterall.

Personally, being a day one player in these kind of games is the big reward. There’s a much bigger challenge always. And no, months later when newcomers reach milestones in 3 days that took you months doesn’t bother me. They don’t have my experiences or gear. That’s for all these games whether is destiny, monster hunter or anthem.
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