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Retro Trailer Platform DEVIL MAY CRY PlayStation Evolution PS2 - PS5


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

The Game Evolution Presents: Evolution of Devil May Cry games from PS2 to PS5. This video showcases all main games in the franchise including DmC Devil May Cry and DMC5 Special Edition for PS5.

0:06 Devil May Cry (2001)
0:33 Devil May Cry 2 (2003)
1:03 Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (2005)
1:37 Devil May Cry 4 (2008)
2:07 Devil May Cry HD Collection (2012)
2:38 DmC Devil May Cry (2013)
3:06 Devil May Cry 5 (2019)
3:40 Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition (2021)


Dec 13, 2020
Video under 5 minutes as it should be.

I've gotta say DMC5 sort of look like one of those FMV games from the 1990s - which it sort of is since they scanned real world costumes. In some environments the characters look out of place like on a green screen..