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[Digital Foundry] Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - PS5/Xbox Series X|S Tech Review - Graceful Scaling vs Maxed PC


I think the current implementation was called FSR3 already. The console versions just don't use frame generation. Like you can have DLSS 3 and not have frame generation enabled either.
I don't remember it being called FSR 3 originally, it certainly wasn't DF and they weren't corrected by the devs either.

The fact is that I found it curious that it coincides with the time where ROBOCOP implements an option called "AMD Frame generation" on consoles and I don't think there is any error there 😅

Whatever it is, it would be best for DF to investigate the matter and confirm if it is FSR3 first, and (if it is) what its console results are like.
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