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Do you want proper Voice Chat in Switch? Make your voices be heard.


Jun 11, 2009
Proper voice chat should pretty much be impossible because they would need to change hardware, I would think.

It might need to have a hardware revision before it's possible.

No. There ain't some magical phone chip needed to send sound over the internet. There's a headset jack on the system.


Oct 27, 2015
OS level voice chat is 100% a software feature that they can patch in.

No. There ain't some magical phone chip needed to send sound over the internet. There's a headset jack on the system.

lol you guys have no idea what you're talking about. Microphone input is hardware driven.

The audio jack needs to be a TRRS type, with the fourth band allowing voice input, in order allow microphones, and the audio hardware itself needs to be properly wired to route microphone input to the interface that receives that information to be processed.

If you're thinking just because phones can do the microphone through audio jack, you should remember that a phones main purpose is to handle voice input. It's already built in every phone to process voice input.

Is the Switch capable of voice input? No one knows, and no one can prove it. Certainly, that third party contraction certainly makes it seem like it can't handle voice input on the switch itself.


Jun 29, 2004
North Vancouver B.C., Canada
Switch is capable hardware wise if you look at the hardware specs.
It could also run through Bluetooth.

Though it could be because current software is already taking up resources that could be used for other underlying processes.
Since it wasn't thought of that way from the ground up, it just might not be able to run properly.

Though voice could be implemented per game, as resources could be set aside during production.
Still, a unifying party chat may only be possible with other hardware now.
AKA phone.

Only benefit of having all that on phone is being able to communicate with the Nintendo community without having the system with you.
Though it should have been there on top of having access on the Switch as well.

It also could be Nintendo's answer to keeping little kids off voice chat.
Little kids most likely won't have a phone plan until a certain age.


Apr 20, 2014
The Switch is a tablet with a headphone jack and bluetooth...yeah I want voice chat and basic social features on the device. They expect me to play games online with it.

I understand waiting for Discord, Spotify, Netflix or other third party app support...but dumping basic system features to a mobile app is dumb.

Not everyone has a smartphone, or wants to do dongle crap.