DOOM's new patch removes Denuvo

I see this becoming a trend. The whole point of it is to keep the game from being cracked in the initial launch window. After that it doesn't matter to them as much.
I'd be fine with denuvo if every game removed it after 6 months, let it stop the pirates on release but don't make the consumer suffer long term.
I'd be much happier about Dunuvo if publishers were more transparent about a guaranteed removal date. I'm willing to accept it at launch if it stops zero day piracy.
So we can finally mod the fuck out of it? YES!

Also doing this at launch and them removing it later is a good idea imo
Seriously. This was a sore point with an ID GAME of all games, and we probably won't have good of mod tools as we'd like compared to the past. But at least now something can hopefully be done.

Though I guess the big thing after that is mega textures messing things up? Alas.
Can anyone explain why everyone is so happy for its removal? Played and finished Doom don't see what difference it would make.
Anyway, this is nice for modding but I'd *really* love to see official mod tools. Snapmap is cool but it doesn't count.

There's always the sequel, I guess.
Wowsers!! I never dared to dream the dream. I really hope more pc pubs/devs follow this practice. Have Denuvo for a period and then remove it.
Can anyone explain why everyone is so happy for its removal? Played and finished Doom don't see what difference it would make.
It prevents and limits some kinds of modding. As well as having extremely spotty offline mode, as well as having your game tied to a activation server that will eventually go down and not let you play the game anymore.
Can anyone explain why everyone is so happy for its removal? Played and finished Doom don't see what difference it would make.
Two things:

Denuvo often prevents user modification of certain important files. Stops piracy but also prevents us from running all sorts of useful mods.

Most Denuvo implementations call home after a patch which adds an unnecessary point of failure and hurts game preservation efforts. What happens when the authentication servers go down and the publisher doesn't want to pay for a patch?
Hopefully this doesn't hurt future sales.
Denuvo for doom has been cracked for a few months already. It hasn't been doing anything but limiting access of legitimate customers for the time being...

Mankind Divided is also cracked already btw, so maybe it should be patched that out of it as well...
Mods and some people swear it hinders performance (I haven't had that happen)
It doesn't hinder performance, that's just made up BS. Getting rid of Denuvo allows for mods and allows the game to still be played when the Denuvo servers get shut down years from now, benefiting future preservation of games.
Fucking A. Protect your frontloaded sales, then let me have the game without relaying on third parties being alive in 15 years. Win-Win.
Denuvo overhead is probably negligible unless your system doesnt have enough memory that its being dumped on a pagefile.

but removal of denuvo seems like it did what it was meant to do and slow down the initial piracy window. doom is being sold cheaply on pc now anyways and now removing it so its actually taking away all excuses people would have to pirating it.


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If this is the trend and the way people use Denuvo going forward (protecting launch window sales) then I'm all for it.
This is the best-of-both-worlds scenario for DRM. I have a lot of issues with problematic DRM like Denuvo for long-term preservation, modding, and so-on, but if it gets disabled after a few months or a year, then it can accomplish its early piracy deterrent goal while not negatively affecting legit costumers.
Yep, best scenario, have it on if it increases your sales, then remove it down the line for modding and preservation purposes.

Modded DOOM is going to be awesome.


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The pricing I've heard for Denuvo is:

Lump sum model:
  • AAA title (bigger 500k units on PC): 100.000 EUR
  • AA title (smaller 500k units on PC): 50.000 EUR
  • Indie title (less than 100k units on PC): 10.000 EUR

Per unit pricing:
  • 2.500 EUR setup fee.
  • 0,15 EUR per unit reported monthly based on Steam owners.