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Dota 2 hits new peak of 786,113 concurrent [and rising] players today


A new record for Dota 2 and rising.

Dota 2 Peak Today 786,113

There is now also a queue to join the game


Thank you TI4 Compendium

Source: http://store.steampowered.com/stats/?snr=1_steam_4__110
Source: http://steamcharts.com/app/570#All
Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/257dv8/there_is_a_queue_to_get_to_play_dota2_now/


I wouldn't be surprised if we see 1 million at some point during the international. It's my first time properly watching the international and purchasing a compendium. Pretty impressed with all the stuff they are doing to make the experience as fun and interesting to be involved in as an ordinary viewer/player. It's got me motivated to try and get into the game a lot more


There's no queue on the Europe region right now. Makes me wonder if the queuing was always there and just didn't get hit often (or ever in recent times).

It actually hit a cap for a few minutes. It was increased though and currently there are no problems. Not sure if that was an automatic system or someone on Valve upped it. First time seeing it too. Probably never hit it before.

Source: https://twitter.com/Cyborgmatt/status/465134717541822464


I can't believe how well Civ V is doing, it sold something like 6m copies and it's one of the most played Steam games four years after release. Who would've thought a TBS could achieve that.

The humble bundle sale (and general sales) probably helped it's concurrent count recently. Civ has always been popular though. Maybe not 6M copies popular but Civ 4 sold at least 3M copies as well.

I'm more surprised with games like X-Com moving over 1M copies on Steam.




When do the qualifiers start?

May 12th is the first set of qualifiers, American Qualifiers to begin with according to the trusty compendium

And it's the same in South Korea, right?

So it could be way higher than 780k? Do we have any numbers from China?

Do we know how many still playing the original Dota worldwide?

I have to wonder now how current player numbers are calculated. Could it be done without a steam client or account to reference or is there some inherent system in the "Perfect World" client or server setup that reports this?

I did find this:
Take note that to activate an account for the Perfect World client requires a Chinese national id as proof of nationality so it is unlikely that players outside of China will be able to use this client.
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