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DrDisrespect permanently banned from Twitch [Now Streaming on YouTube]


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Jun 10, 2004

High-profile Twitch streamer Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV (better known as DrDisrespect) has been banned from the livestreaming platform yet again.

It's unclear exactly why or how long DrDisrespect will be banned. DrDisrespect has not said anything publicly about the situation, and searching for his Twitch account pulls no results.

The ban was reported by StreamerBans, a Twitter account that reports on when partnered Twitch streamers are banned from the platform. DrDisresepct was banned at 3:01 p.m. with his channel being removed from Twitch. While the reason for the ban remains unknown at this time, 100T Classy tweeted that the ban could be the result of a DMCA takedown. DrDisrespect has yet to comment on the ban.


Sep 4, 2013
Maybe he signed a multi million deal with facebook gaming?

Yeah I seriously doubt that this is permanent..
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Dec 10, 2018
Screaming like a pre-teen while streaming sumtin.

Why do people like watching others play their promoted mmo-games? I get that there are quite a few xboners watching TLOU2 right now, because they cant be bothered ... but why watch someone play a multiplayer game like counterstrike? or what ever he used to play between his pee breaks.

Makes no sense.

"Woah, that 360º no scope head shot barefoot111!! Would you look at that!" ... and let´s not start with those 30,000 "chat zombies" spamming emotes for hours.

Not as annoying as that blue smurf.