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E3 2009 Microsoft Conference Thread

SamVT said:
No the point that was being conveyed was that thank to Natal we have the opportunity to truely meet a character and interact with it like we've never done before. We haven't made a piece of AI that's going to create a nuclear weapon and resolve world piece. If we had - we would use that for something quite different than a videogame.

The demo of Milo was real, I worked my ass off presenting it to people behind closed doors (some VIPs even) and Milo didn't call me Claire, but Sam. When we trained the software to regocnize other people (like journalists), he would call them by their name and comment on the colour of their clothes, no matter what the colour was.

Finally, the voice emphathy doesn't work "on the fly", Milo needs to be familiar with it. Plus it's hard for people when first introduced to him, to interact with the voice. That's why Claire did it in the video and I did behind closed doors.

This shit works.
Of course it does. But don't expect that to stop the anti-Xbox conspiracy theorists with camera envy from saying Milo is nothing more than a glorified Pinocchio to Molyneux's Gepetto.


*Guaraná said:
1up has a rumor saying that Natal is actually a new console...

We went from an official saying that they'll give this a push like it's a new console to journalists saying something like there will be a new hardware to rumoured specs.

Internet ...
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