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Fallout 4 assets leak?


Hi guys,

found this interesting picture in a portfolio from a guy who seems to have worked on several AAA titles. It's not uncommon that gaming companies outsource small stuff like modeling 3D houses or characters.

Anyway this is what I've found:

Can provide the source if necessary (mods only). Could be also fake or stolen from another game, but that guy seems to be legit, so I hope this real.


Fallout in Canada might be good...

IMO mainstream Fallout games can only exist in US or Canada since they are the only two countries with vaults


I know right, that's why I'm confused aswell. It basically doesn't really look like Fallout at all. Would like to provide a link to the portfolio to everyone, but that could get him/her into trouble.

can you post some more screens/snippets atleast? Maybe there is something more Fallout like there

edit: the jacket and pants definitely don't look like something out of the Fallout Universe, they would have been more destroyed/decomposed
I will just say, I struggle to believe they won't be using Facegen again (despite it making faces look awful), so a modelled face is probably not part of the assets of a Fallout 4. Nor is a full body piece of clothing. All pieces are modular.


Does Bethesda really outsource to that extent though? I was under the impression that they much prefer keeping their team small and tight-knit, hence why their games take so long to make. That doesn't strike me as the type of dev that would rely on temporary workers.


can you post some more screens/snippets atleast? Maybe there is something more Fallout like there

He/she always labeled them correctly. This one was the only Fallout related pic. That person also worked supposedly on God of War, Sniper Elite 3 aswell as Uncharted 3.


I don't want a Fallout in the cold (if it would be the only climate) Already didn't like that Skyrim played only in cold regions.


The Amiga Brotherhood
1)those don't look fallout-ish at all.
2)those look low quality for a AAA current gen rpg imo.


Looks like assets we have seen in Unreal Engine games. I don't think Fallout is going to run on Unreal.
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