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Famitsu 11/19/09 - Phoenix Wright (Wiiware), NMH (PS360)


Looks so good. Can't wait to experience this game all over again. Definitely in my top 5 games of this console generation.


Lufia actually looks pretty good.

Looks I really should be treating it like a new Lufia game. Maybe I just forgot a lot since I last played the original, but hardly anything seems the same now. :lol
Jocchan said:
Yeah, right stick in place of motion controls confirmed!
I was right! Vindicated :D
The Wii vs PS360 version comparison is nuts, they actually put some effort into this. I will definitely be getting this seeing as I only rented the original version. I want those 'erotic portraits' too, any idea what those actually are? Posters or...


Dem graphics!
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