Famitsu 18th Aug (Sengoku Basara 3 - PS3/Wii, Persona 3 PSP)

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New Title/Info:

Sengoku Basara 3 - Wii/PS3
- Meltdowns incoming

Persona 3 Portable - PSP
- Female main character shown

Phantasy Star Portable 2 - PSP
- Sega's new mystery RPG revealed

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - PSP
- Gameplay seems to be focused on 4 player co-op in missions. You see different Snakes helping each other out to progress through stages.

3D Dot Game Heroes - PS3
- From Software's new game is some crazy looking PS3 title. The entire world looks like it's made out of lego.

Tales of Vasperia PS3
- new costume (purchase on PS store)
xfactor said:
New Title/Info:
Tales of Vasperia PS3
- new character

It seems a certain Capcom's ninja is back for action...? :D I hope so but I need more confirmation

waiting for confirmation
:D 3 - PS3/360
Tekken 6 - PSP
Little Big Planet - Nov 1
Tenchu 5 (PSP/Wii) - Nov 19
BASARA X (Wii) - Nov 19
BASARA 3 (Wii) - Nov 19
Damn who's that girl in your avatar.

Edit: Oh yeah...nice announcements too :p
Mr. Pointy said:
Tenchu 5 PSP/Wii is not surprising. FUCK YEAH BASARA X WII PORT!
Another Tenchu? Are we not at a Tenchu overload with Deadly Assasins being released early this year, as well as the numerous ports From has planned for Tenchu on PSP?
Snaku said:
Any word on what Dragon Ball X is?
It could be a Western developed game. We got a few Western Developed DragonBall games, Sagas, Legacy Of Goku, LoG II, Buu's Furry, Taiketsu, CCG Game, and Transformation. But personally, I think it's probably a game that hasn't been announced for Europe yet, like the DragonBall Evolution game (I believe Europe hasn't gotten it), or DragonBall Online (I doubt this one).
I wonder who might be behind Strider 3. Would be nice if it was the DMC team, but it would be even nicer if Capcom could line up a new studio to develop a high quality action game so they can alternate between Strider and DMC biennially. Tokyo Vikings perhaps?
in my dreams

2 hit combo for Basara on the Wii too. Nice.
B.K. said:
One of the sites that says Strider is in the magazine says that Strider 3 is supposed to be similar to Devil May Cry.
I'm intrigued. The visual style is what really defines Strider, so it would be interesting to see how it works in 3D.
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