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Famitsu Sales Week 18+19, 2023 (Apr 24 - May 07)

Some info about the boost Zelda:TotK Oled has given European sales

Spain | Week 17, 2023 | Retail | Gamereactor
  1. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (PS5): 9.500 / New
  2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch):
  3. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch):
  4. FIFA 23 - Legacy Edition (Switch):
  5. Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch):
  6. FIFA 23 (PS5):
  7. The Last of Us: Parte II (PS4):
  8. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (Switch):
  9. Minecraft (Switch):
  10. Hogwarts Legacy (PS5):
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (ALL): 11.500 / New


Switch: 13.500 (7.000 TLoZ OLED) / 111.000 YTD
PS5: 6.000 / ~137.000 YTD
XBS: 500 / ~15.200 YTD
PSVR2: 250 / 12.400

Spain Sales Week 18: May 1 - 7, 2023

  1. Hogwarts Legacy (PS4) 22.000 units
  2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)
  3. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
  4. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (PS5)
  5. FIFA 23 - Legacy Edition (Switch)
  6. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (Switch)
  7. Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch)
  8. FIFA 23 (PS5)
  9. Octopath Traveler II (Switch) 1.300 units
  10. Minecraft (Switch)
Top Hardware week 18:

  • Nintendo Switch: 9.000 units (2.000 OLED TotK)
  • PS5: 5.500 units
  • Xbox Series: 500 units
PS VR2 sold 200 units

Source: Gamereactor

UK April 2023: PS5 No. 1 (-35%); Switch No. 2 (+26%/ZOLED); XBSX No. 3 (-32%); Jedi: Survivor No. 1​

From GI.biz,

PS5 was the No.1 console of the month once again, followed by Nintendo Switch and then Xbox Series S and X.

PS5 sales fell 35% over March, but is up 15% compared with April last year. Meawhile, Xbox Series S and X sales are down 32% over March, but up 8% over the same period the year before.

However, the big winner of the month was the Nintendo Switch, which was up 26% over March and 30% up over April 2022. This was mostly due to the new Zelda edition of the console, which was released right at the end of the month (and two weeks before the game), but it still managed to account for 29% of all Switch consoles sold last month.

FNAC (a french retailers) plan to sell 100k units of Zelda TOTK at launch / 25k Switch OLED Zelda were sold in one week.​

There will have 350k units of Zelda TOTK for the french launch accros every retailers.

Fnac alone plan to sold 100k units for the first week.

25k units of the Zelda Switch OLED were sold in one week (almost all the first shipment).

Info Figaro : Vendredi sort le jeu vidéo évènement #ZeldaTearsOfTheKingdom , un lancement qui s'annonce massif en France. La Fnac pense en vendre 100.000 exemplaires dès le premier week-end.
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Switch domination....ahead of zelda I guess?
Zelda OLED is gave a big boost for hardware figures
Good hardware sales, but man, those are some sad software numbers.

Nintendo better have some surprise announcements soon if they're gonna ride out the Switch for another year, otherwise this is gonna be a long year after Zelda releases.

Pikmin 4 won't do very large numbers and thats pretty much all they have announced right now.
The translated Q&A from Nintendo's latest briefing conformed that they will release a vairety of new titles this year, and that Zelda is just the start.

However, they do have Pikmin 4 in July and Konami will release the Momotaro Dentetsu sequel later this year and they should be major releases. For reference, these are the total sales for the previous titles in Japan

Pikmin 3 Delux
Physcial - 642,969
Total - 860,000+

Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban!

Physcial - 2,865,826
Total - 3.5 million+

In addition they have smaller titles like Hogwarts Legacy, Fantasy Life i and Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai. But yes a Direct with more 2023 first party and third party titles would certainly give more confidence.
Famitsu were likely over-tracking Xbox Series hardware in comparison to Media Create, who had way lower Xbox numbers but they don’t publicly release their weekly sales charts anymore. So again, these low numbers the past few months aren’t that surprising.
Media Create also has a high number for the same period. Nothing you say addresses the question in either case.
Do you think they are having severe supply issues now?
In Japan Xbox has not been sending much supply at all so I'm not sure if it is an issue. But this same time last year in both reports Xbox was much higher, and as far as I can see there wasn't a big release to support those numbers, which is why I am asking if anything happened last year to result in such comparatively high units then, compared to the few units now.


Impressive Switch numbers. So far, the PS5 has the best year for a Playstation console since 2003.
I expect PS5 to keep that record until the end of the year, which will help somewhat offset the hardware and software decline of the Switch. Going to be a solid year fir the Japanese market and we still don't fully know what the 2nd half of the year holds.
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