Favorite Neighbor Character(s) in the Animal Crossing series?

Animal Crossing (for Gamecube; US) turned 15.

So I'm curious, to those who played any of the games, who are your favorite neighbors, or who you always want/wanted in your town or missed the most if/when they have left.

For me, playing New Leaf the most, I've grown a liking to Diana the Deer. She was that "spoiled princess" kind of character who warms up as a good friend later down the road.

I was actually pretty sad learning she left for greater things when I checked back in the game recently.

I've also saw Kidd the Goat and Hugh the Pig as my 'bros'. Why I used that term for them, I have honestly no idea.

I think they've been in my town the longest, but I'm not sure if they're around anymore.
My favourite villager is Kid Cat, I haven't played New Leaf in over a year because I'm scared he might be gone. He's literally the only amiibo I own.

It was super fun when it then turned out that he shared my birthday

Wart Jr. was my man in New Leaf. I don't even know why I became so attached to him, but he was easily the villager I considered to be my "best friend" in that game.

oh why

did you leave me

oh phoebeeeee

i sit and wonder why-iy-iy

(She was hilarious and her house was flawless and she was perfect and we were BFFs forever - why.)

I decided there was no god/s in this world when Big Top stayed with me from beginning to end of my New Leaf experience, without ever once attempting to leave.

I'm also fond of Nan the Goat. She was like my nan. But a goat. She also tried to leave me, but I begged her to stay, and she did.

...thank you, Animal Crossing, for creating video gamed induced abandonment issues.
These three have been my favourite since Wild World: Rodeo the Bull, Rasher the Pig and Bluebear the Cub.

The various villagers are honestly my favourite part of any Animal Crossing game. The sad part is that I could easily name every one of the 200 or so villagers from New Leaf...
Dora, Derwin, Fauna, Margie, Molly, Stitches and Groucho.
Dora was the first villager in every Animal Crossing game for me, except New Leaf. The other five are my permanent villagers in New Leaf and they've really grown on me, especially Groucho and Fauna who came back after my first New Leag save was deleted because I tried to cheat the one-save-per-system thing a bit.

Also, I want Isabelle as a neighbor in the new Animal Crossing.
I have a ton of favorites, but the octopods are the top.

Inkwell probably too, but I've only seen pics of him. Next time I start a new AC town I'll be adding him for sure.

My next door neighbour in Let's go to the city and just all round awesome dog.

Quit the game when he left. Never did find out what the bandages were for.

Also fond of Olivia from the first Animal Crossing.
It's all about that Cube love. He was so rad. I really liked Eunice too because the sheep characters were so cute (besides the creepy clown one) and I loved how they wore scarves instead of shirts.

Coco, she's like a gyroid rabbit.

When I picked up the 3DS version on release, I planned on having my favs Ahnka, Coco and Stinky in my town.
I only ever got Ahnka :(

I'm sure Coco and Stinky are around somewhere, but in years of playing I never once saw them.
Bob! He was in my first ever AC town. And I like Scoot, partly because I have a friend named that and also because of Vinesauce Vinny.

Also, Dora happened to be in my town in Wild World and New Leaf.