First look at Atari's new console, "Ataribox"

The original Atari isn't around anymore (it died in the '80s).
The brand name still has value that is why the company which bought the rights renamed the company with that brand name.
To be fair though, infrogames also includes Hasbro and I could totally see them trying to properly join the console fray
So, it's going to be an Atari Androidbox, presumably with some of their """classic""" games built in, NES Mini style? I'm assuming this won't have the specs to run their terrible recent PC games like Alone in the Dark Illumination, Space Invaders FPS or Haunted House: Cryptic Graves, not that anyone would want to play those anyway.
I am *always* interested in new console manufacturers entering the market, so I lool forward to hearing more about this in the future. If the wood finish looks good, I could definitely be tempted.
Not enough info yet about this device, but it looks pretty cool. Would be great if 2600, 5200, 7800, ST, Lynx, Jaguar and arcade games are going to be released for it. Also, I wonder what the controller will look like. No number pad please :)
If it has this and costs less than $75 for the console, I'm in. Depending on per game cost, mind you. I'm not paying over $5 for a 2600, 5200, or 7800 game.
Not to you maybe. But if they are able to go for a good performance/price ratio + AAA third party support + one or two good exclusives they could build a good foundation for a new Atari console brand, just like Microsoft did with the original xbox. Nothing that would be able to challenge Sony or Microsoft now, but maybe next gen. Of course it needs to be x64 based for that to happen and that's not very likely.
That's a shitload of ifs. :D "If we had some eggs we could have eggs and ham, if we had some ham.".
No idea who the target audience is for this, no doubt its just a publicity stunt to get some media courage. At the least the Coleco Chameleon had the novelty of trying to bring games back on cartridges, if they had gone that route i'm sure they'd get more interest
Also the novelty of never actually existing.

Atari ISN'T around anymore. It's just Infogrames wearing Atari's skin.
Looks great, but I doubt it’s going to actually be a game console. It’s gonna be a normal low-powered PC, running normal PC apps, that comes packed with an Atari emulator package. At best it’ll be a Steam Machine.

So, it's going to be an Atari Androidbox, presumably with some of their """classic""" games built in, NES Mini style?
They said it was going to be PC-based, not Android.
Atari ISN'T around anymore. It's just Infogrames wearing Atari's skin.
You’re behind the times. Infogrames and their U.S. studios, after rebranding themselves as Atari, went bankrupt. They were then bought by a guy named Fred Chesnais, who shut down all of Infogrames and wants to create a new Atari based on its well-known IP and branding. 3 years ago he said this:

Fred Chesnais said:
Today, we have a company that is out of bankruptcy, and we are 10 people working under the studio-production model. We pay attention to three things: the IP, the production, and the distribution. Everything else is not our part. We go to and select third-party studios who make very good games. They are not a part of the company at the moment. And then we go into production, like a movie studio. So we select the IP’s; we go one-by-one and select the best one. We pick the one we want to do. There’s no rush.
Hey guys, I didn't read the thread but rushed in to shitpost about this device being another ARM/Android box doomed to failure!

If this thing is priced right, and has some additional nifty tools (DLNA-compliant media player, Plex, Netflix), I could see it being a handy secondary console.
The post-1984 Atari games are owned by WB Games, so unless they can swing some licensing deals, then I wouldn't expect Rush 2049 or Mace: The Dark Age, sadly.
Ahh, I was just going to ask about this. So this company has the rights to the early arcade games and non-licensed 2600 games? Are there any of those that haven't already been put on comps?

I wonder if they have rights to Tengen stuff (though I think most of that was licensed stuff)?
I was at least mildly curious about this. Looks like there's no disc/cart slot though, so I guess that's that. That's about as much as I needed to see.

Gotta say that the thing looks pretty nice though, just in terms of aesthetic. They did a good job on that, hopefully the final product stays true to the current image.
We were already asked if we thought Android-based microconsoles were worthwhile gaming platforms back in 2013 and the response was a resounding "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck no!" so I don't get why they'd think this is a good idea now.


Phone reception is more important to me than human rights
This actually looks nice.


I grew up playing Atari.

I have zero nostalgia or desire to replay Atari games.

Nintendo (NES) on the other hand...
Same here. Except Asteroids and Pitfall. And probably Raider of the Lost Ark. And maybe I can finally finish E.T...

I will take the modern version of the games....thats already been done on past and recent consoles. Except Pitfall. That needs a remake. Havent played any recent Raiders of the Lost Ark games so I have no idea what they even look like. E.T is well....E.T. lol
So is thing actually a modern video game console? We have heard no rumblings from nvidia/ati. So it seems like its just an android box, but that press release makes it seem likes it is a current console.

Important translation:
while the functionality and the technical characteristics will be announced as the work progresses. The group estimates that it is able to develop an attractive product, using the reputation of the Atari brand in the hardware domain. To limit the risk, this product will initially be launched with a crowdfunding campaign.
All.... hope... lost....

i still might get one just to have it with the rest of my atari collection.
Ribbed for dust's pleasure.

That thing will look nasty as hell after a few months of owning it, unless you clean it on a daily basis. Dust and gunk will accumulate in those ridges.
The name is terrible. They should have just went for it and called it the Atari 2049 for Blade Runners release.

Love the look of the console, interested to see the wood version.