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NSFW First Nude mod released for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Mar 4, 2019

Modder ‘ApolloHoo’ has released the first nude mod for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. As its title suggests, this naked characters pack replaces the player’s model with naked body versions of Wolf, Emma and Genichiro. Going into slightly more details, ApolloHoo used the naked 3D models from Dark Souls 3. As such, there are some slight visual inconsistencies. You can easily notice the new “body texture” by looking at the characters’ neck. Still, and since this is another game from the same developer, these body textures work pretty good.

In order to install it, you’ll have to first install “Mod Engine“. Then, you’ll have to downnload “DS3 and Bloodborne Material Pack“, and copy the “parts” folder from the “Naked Characters Pack” into your own mod folder. What’s also interesting here is that this first nude mod for Sekiro lacks some… special details. For instance, there aren’t any nipples on Emma’s model, and her lower body area is not THAT detailed. Furthermore, Wolf is wearing an underwear. As such, this mod is actually SFW.
It will be interesting to see whether another modder will use this mod as a base in order to provide a full-fledged nude mod. If you can’t wait for a more “proper” nude mod, you can download this first version from here.



Apr 20, 2019
It's just some texture replacement, granted that processes would be hard in some cases. It's not the original textures though.
Jan 25, 2018
Southeastern USA
No nipples? What's the point?

I did feel the one thing Sekiro was lacking was any sexiness, I know From Software unlike most Japanaese devs doesn't really go into that sort of thing whole hog, but even Dark Souls had Gwynevere, so I feel like there could have been something.

I thought Emma was pretty cute though, shame it isn't more detailed.
Oct 27, 2012
I hope they keep this mod to those three characters and don't "expand" it in the future. Let's not forget one of the main characters is a 10 year old.



Jun 3, 2014
That is one thing I'll never understand. What is the point in playing with a nude character?

Suggestive and sexy clothing is great because it keeps your mind wondering, but fully naked is stupid, there's nothing to be discovered and seen if you already saw everything...

It's like how watching too much porn makes it uninteresting. You've seen all there is, next thing you know you're wondering what that sissy tag is all about.
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