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First Return to Arkham (Batman remaster) gameplay?

I put a question mark in the title because it looks real, and the button prompts are accurate for the Dualshock 4 but I guess you never know. :p

So it appears that someone has broken street date and there are a few videos being uploaded to YouTube of both Arkham City and Arkham Asylum.

all videos here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo0k7M-3M0GuZjWy8Divogg/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=0

the user seems to be uploading more videos as they go. Some highlights -

Arkham City street fighting

Arkham City sewers

Arkham City Solomon Grundy fight

edit: cutscenes are still pre-rendered. mess

o hi


An average port by the looks of it, I would have bit if it had been A1 but October - December games wise is just too stacked for mediocre remasters.

Maybe early next year when I'm bored and it's dirt cheap on a PSN sale


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Is this definitely from the remasters? I was under the impression that the cut scenes are now in fact real-time and not pre rendered anymore.

Doesn't look any different from the originals


The searchlight could use some adjusting

Yea I don't remember it being that intrusive in the original AC. I really wanted it to be 60fps.. I'll probably pick it up when it's $20 or something just like the Ezio trilogy.

On the plus side, the guy playing is pretty good at the game.
I just checked one specific scene and it seems like the remastered version. Here is a comparison:

What kills me the most about the all over the place upgrades, are the doll eyes. In the remaster to me it looks like all the characters have lifeless doll eyes. Creeps me out.


As of now, I hope those versions get a separate steam listing, if they'll eventually release on PC,


After replaying the 3 ps360 Arkham games on pc at max settings and physx (eh) then seeing these videos,I can say the games deserve better. Just put out the previous Arkham games in native 1080p at 60fps with high res textures and be done with it. I won't be surprised if this collection will have lots of visual glitches.


tru, but it's out in like a week and they've only shown their comparison videos which weren't very flattering anyway. :p

Ah, it's actually cool that you found and posted this. :)

I would just warn people to wait for DF analysis, but I assume it will be 1080p/30fps with some kind of post process antialiasing and some textures and lighting changes throughout.

I would almost just say "play this on PC at 60fps" but we already have lots of people on GAF and elsewhere who only play console and would just say this is bad advice.
I'd pay $9.99 for this at most, if only to have all my previous generation favorites all on the Xbox One. And not even that if they relent and release the originals for backwards compatibility.


Looks good to me. Can't wait to replay these game, specially the first game its been awhile. I will admit though Batman now has a derpy face. But I can look past that. What is with this dev and derpy faces? FF X HD got a few of those.
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