First XNA game to grace XBLA, Eternity's Child (2D platformer)

Eternity's Child was originally an XNA game developed by Luc Bernard, and today he apparantly announced that it will appear on XBox Live Arcade somewhere in 2007. Short feature list copied from Gamertag Radio:

- 1 player game only
- All characters animated by hand like old 2D Disney movies
- All the game is 2D
- Orchestral soundtrack
- Eternity's Child is just a tentative title
- The story is going to be a fairy tale for adults
- The gameplay is not going to be a revolution but a normal 2D platformer, what I am mainly working on is a game that anyone can pick up and play and escape to another world and have fun aswell aswell as touching them emotionally.
Screenshots (rehost and resized):

Now all we need is Limbo and XBLA will have more than enough original platformers.
Oldschoolgamer said:

Awesome. I really hope the gameplay is as good as the game looks.
I didn't notice those trees were in the shapes of people until I saw the distinct female version on the far right. It's been a loooong time since I've played a 2D platformer.


Looks great in screens (apart from how the characters seem to stand out a bit on some of the backgrounds), I hope it looks equally nice in motion as well.
Orchestral soundtrack? Very cool. This is the kind of original games I want on XBLA. :)
Fantastic! this is the type of games I expected to see in Arcade! and PSN. Too soon for forming an opinion, but it has the kind of look I can fall in love with.
theres some fantastic art but it looks a tad.. basic? I dunno, maybe its the guys same facial expression in the pics that make me think it might be a bit dull. I would check out the demo version no doubt though.
How are the action elements? Do you jump stomp the enemies, punch them Rayman style, or sneak around like Abe? Are there any platforming puzzles in a similar vein?

Also, do I need to subscribe to XNA to download XNA games into an Xbox 360? Is the frame-rate 60fps and able to resize to a 4:3 ratio?

Lots of questions and to quote General Pepper, "Good luck."
Sprites look nice. I wonder if it has enough animations.

This game needs Earthworm-jim like animations. If it's just the same 3 idle frames and 3 walking frames, could not be enough.

All and all, looks good on those screenshots. Obviously, we need to see it in motion/actual gameplay to see if it holds up.
I don't really like the art direction to be honest, there's nothing particulary special about those screens. =/

Well, I'll keep an eye on it anyway. Maybe it'll be interesting gameplay-wise.
In the right direction, but what I would like to see in XBLA:

- "Out of this World" or "Flashback" game type (2D platformer with polygons);
- "Heart of Darkness" type of game (2D animated sprites)
- the original Klonoa
- a micromachines game (I know, there is a micro racing game coming, but it is not the same)
- "Lost Vikings" type of gameplay

Bad naming, by the way (hope it is changed).
PepsimanVsJoe said:

Ooh. Dig the tree on the sexy.

I'm really liking the results from the XNA development so far.
Funny that making a good (looking) game seems so simple, yet most publishers choose to put their money in expensive ports. Xbox Live Arcade, PSP, it could have been so much better.
Chiaroscuro said:
In the right direction, but what I would like to see in XBLA:

- "Out of this World" or "Flashback" game type (2D platformer with polygons);
Werent rumors ( and even an interview at xboxyde i think ) some months ago about the possibility of porting "another world" to Live Arcade?.
well the guy who did another world did a remake of the game using high res vectors, people said it was awesome; i would gladly buy that for the 360.

That and.. FLASHBACK