Florida Gov. Declares State Of Emergency Over Hurricane Irma (Up: clean-up begins)


Jun 3, 2009
As per the latest NHC discussion, it's heading into an area with warm water and moist air (both of which hurricanes draw energy from) and low wind sheer (which means there isn't any high level winds acting against the internal processes of the storm). All points to further strengthening over the next 48 hours.

Whether it gets up to Category 5 or not is still up in the air, right now it's a weak category 4.
Feb 12, 2006
Just one of those things. People out west deal with wildfires and quakes, the Midwest has tornadoes, northern areas have blizzards, we have hurricanes/flooding. Nearly everyone has something to worry about.
I'm so happy to be here in Arizona. As far as I can tell we don't have much.
Outside of the CRAZY FUCKING 100+ degree weather
Nov 10, 2013
My family started planning today. I have to be at work during the hurricane for safety reasons. May have my family head north to some other family up there.
Sep 12, 2005
Was just reading there are a couple of unreliable models that have this thing at below 900mb. Even some reliable ones at 920-930. If any of those are accurate it's going to be really bad wherever it hits.
Jun 14, 2015
I'm really glad I do not live in a coastal state. The last truly bad weather I experienced was in the early 90's with a blizzard and a tornado. Having to deal with hurricanes and shit every year would be really stressful. Stay safe FL and I hope it doesn't get bad.
Jan 11, 2017
We beat the rush and went out Friday to stock up on food, water etc. My mom went to a Wal-Mart on Saturday and they were all out.

This thing looks nasty and I'm not liking these models.
Apr 27, 2008
It's the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew. Unfortunately, it's old enough that some of my students here in South Florida don't take hurricanes that seriously. Thankfully the older one who were around for Wilma are more serious about it.

Anyone who remembers Andrew knows just how utterly devastating hurricanes can be. The only positive of Andrew is that it woke up South Florida and got them to take hurricanes even more seriously. Knock on wood, South Florida should be able to handle this better than Andrew. But I'm only considering my area of South Florida; I don't know about the other parts...

As bad as hurricanes are, at least we're capable of seeing them coming days ahead of time. I'd hate to be in an area where massive earthquakes can occur at the drop of a hat
I'll be safe for this storm (if it hits), but I'm worrying about coming back to a flooded home. I also have to worry about the plywood covering my windows breaking and the two trees in front of my house falling on top of it. Thank goodness that I live alone and that I can rely on family that live five minutes away in case the worst happens.