GAF Steamgifts Group Invite Thread


To get an invite to the NeoGAF Steamgift group please PM Metalmurphy, Xelios, or Xenos
GAF being as generous as it is, this thread is now about requesting invites to the NeoGAF steamgifts group, which you will need to participate in GAF giveaways on

steamgift has gone public.

Greetings community,
You're reading this correctly. After many weeks of discussion, we believe that it's a good time to move away from invites. The system served a good purpose while the site was rapidly growing. The SteamGifts community is now nearing 50,000 members and that system no longer seems appropriate.
Please note we still require all registered members have at least $50.00 worth of games associated with their Steam account.
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to express them here.
SteamGifts Team

To keep the steam thread from being cluttered lol.

To keep lurkers from stealing your code:


please use steamcodegoeshere[/B]][ /email] or just PM the code.


do not put code here [ /email]

Baha said:
Just a bit of advice for anybody who is planning on or is already doing a giveaway on : Do NOT add the winner of your giveaway to your friends list. There are already reported cases of scammers impersonating winners (changing profile names, descriptions & avatars to trick the person giving the game away). Stick to sending gifts via email (you'll have this option available to you under "manage your giveaways" by clicking send gift). This'll ensure that the deserving winner gets his prize and scammers can go fuck off.
Please read the FAQ if you're new to


Universal Access can be found under System Preferences
Woohoo, finally a thread. Currently accumulating points, will have another invite ready today sometime.
good job, the steam thread turned into a steamgifts thread for the last few pages
im down for an invite too, thanks

edit:steamgifts is a site where people give away free games and members can enter the giveaway to win said games, pretty much it
So is this a site that you sign up for and can enter contest to receive people's extra steam games?

Cool idea, if there are invites available I'll take one.


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
You should also note in the OP that those who wish to post invite codes should do so using the e-mail tag (e.g. [email=1234567890abcdefghij] [/email]) so that the code is hidden until the post is quoted and you're taken to the reply form, thereby protecting them against lurkers.


Guarantee I'm going to screw up this post? Yeah.
Invites are used.

Make sure to check the users of giveaways before using points, there are a lot of fake giveaways.