Game Boy Micro <3 Thread

For some reason my Micro never seems to leave my nighstand drawer, even though I haven't used it since Mother 3.

(That's an EZ Flash V on it with fobby's translation).

Still one of my favourite designs, even though lately I find it fairly straining to my eyes.
So I bought a copy of FFVI Advance and dug my Micro out. Popped the faceplate off to give it a clean and now it won't clip to the micro when I try to put it back. Seems like the faceplate itself is fine, the hooks like perfect. If whatever those hooks clip onto in the micro itself have broke, am I screwed? This happened to anyone else?
Check this out. You'll probably need to source a replacement latch to fix it though.
Informative video on replacing and Game Boy Micro faceplate latch
I'm tempted to pick up a third Game Boy Micro - really want the Japan-only pearl-blue model. I think the blue hue has aged much better than the European blue model (which is still nice but a less refined tone), and I want those true-chrome START/SELECT buttons...

...I need to stay strong and resist!