Games for Windows Live shutting down July 1, 2014.


listen to the mad man
Games that will no longer be available for digital purchase in 3 days:
AFL Live
Battle vs. Chess - Not purchasable on Steam, Publisher is essentially defunct
CarneyVale: Showtime - Independent title
Crash Time 4: The Syndicate - Other series installments are on Steam
Game Room - Many constituent titles are available sans-GFWL
Gears of War for Windows
Halo 2 for Windows Vista
Hour of Victory
Quantum of Solace - Game no longer for sale on Steam
Shadowrun - Servers are no longer running for this, right?
Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Mahjong Wisdom -- MS has a free Mahjong game on W8, "replacement"?
Rugby League Live
Tinker - Free, download right now if you ever want to play
Tron: Evolution
Vancouver 2010
Viva Piñata for Windows
Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic Journey

Games whose online facilities and achievements will die July 1, 2014--some of these may no longer be able to be activated at this point and thus will be DEAD DEAD:
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon – Enhanced Edition
Blacklight: Tango Down
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
Dead Rising 2
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
DiRT 2
Dirt 3
F1 2010
F1 2011
Fable III
Fallout 3
FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage
Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
Iron Brigade
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Lost Planet 2
Microsoft Flight
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
Ms. Splosion Man
Operation Flashpoint: Red River
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Section 8
Section 8: Prejudice
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes
Street Fighter IV
Street Fighter X Tekken
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
Universe at War: Earth Assault
Virtua Tennis 4

So is Microsoft totally switching to Steamworks or what? The whole gaming side of Windows 8 is kinda reliant on GFWL.
Windows 8 doesn't use GFWL at all.
Why are people happy about this? It means A LOT of games will become completely unplayable.
This IS something that's kind of a gamble when you think about it: games like Batman and Bioshock 2 show signs of it getting patched out eventually, so this may be what pushes many games to abandon it and go full Steamworks or whatever and thus be smoother experiences. But if a developer does nothing, yeah, this could be essentially killing games, it's why I went ahead and bought Bulletstorm on 360 despite having it on PC because it seemed there was a high chance either the service would die or at least give me problems, and $5 isn't much for peace of mind.

Ironic that I still have to depend on Microsoft services, but I'm more confident XBL360 will stick around, and perhaps the freedom to play offline indefinitely.


listen to the mad man
Origin? We may not like it but thats just a gaming service. I have dead space 3 on there as of a week ago so nty
*plays Dead Space 3*
What a pretty game, I'd love to take a screenshots right now

oh wait, origin doesn't support taking screenshots

thank god i'm getting Origin Achievement Points though.
Time to play DoW II coop I guess. I've been meaning to try it for ages.

It's bitter sweet news in the sense that we'll finally be rid of this piece of shit but some games will have diminished functionality. I hope as many devs as possible patch that shit out.
They had the chance to be the most viable competition to Steam but greed, ignorance and a unwillingness to take notice of how different the PC market is from the console market doomed them. They will never learn.


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Most - if not all - GFWL games simply will not let you play without first logging in, which is where the problem is.
I'm hoping we'll get patches for it one way or another. But I probably shouldn't be that confident in publishers or Microsoft caring about these games, since "they got theirs."
Good riddance GFWL. You were too fucking awful for this world.

oh wait so they're shutting down AOE online?


those in-game transactions were expensive as hell
$15 per Civ, $5+ booster mission packs, $100 launch bundle that they took more than a year to fulfill. Added cosmetic micro-transactions later on, etc etc.

I liked the game (I even bought 2 of the civ packs for like $10 each) but they had no fucking clue of what they were doing. Same deal with Flight. Both stopped receiving support ages ago, so its no surprise.
This is so microsoft it hurts, try to be a key rival in something, fail to some degree and just bin it completely within a few years, repeat the cycle with something else.

Blows for people like me who enjoy GFWL achievements in games, I have a big backlog to go over now before January.
I thought competition was good.

Who is going to keep Steam in check? Uplay?
1) No one has provided actual competition to Steam, so nothing is being lost in terms of "competition."

2) On Steam (or any distribution platform) games compete with each other as well. Competition between platforms is secondary and not necessary to keep prices down.

3) Amazon does a decent job of competing with Steam and does so without forcing a bullshit client onto our PCs that offers no useful features other than to force us to create accounts and add extra clicks to the process of launching our games.
*plays Dead Space 3*
What a pretty game, I'd love to take a screenshots right now

oh wait, origin doesn't support taking screenshots

thank god i'm getting Origin Achievement Points though.
*plays dead space 3* *pc crashes*
Why is my steam account worth over $2000 (prob only spent a few hundred thank you bundles) when i cant even run a game because of integrated graphics. WHY DO I KEEP BUYING
Witch is dead, but it's taking down games with it that I want to play or play again some day.

We need to get Epic to fix Gears and release on Steam :(

and I have Viva Piñata on their that I always wanted to play, may have got round to it some day and the future.

What about all the Dawn of War stuff :/