Gaming Software Pioneer RAD Game Tools Now Part of Epic Games


We are excited to share that Epic Games has acquired the technology and business of RAD Game Tools, a video game software development company whose products and technology appear in close to 25,000 games and are leveraged by the world’s leading gaming companies, including Epic. Together, Epic and RAD plan to integrate RAD’s powerful technology into Unreal Engine to benefit the developer community and gamers alike.

Well there is not much to say... the title says all.

Edit - Let's say a bit of course... they tools are used in almost everything but they are not well known to the public... they got a more public talk after Sony started to talk Kraken, Oodle, etc in Road of PS5 and the announce of licences to all DevKits.
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It further implicates how closely Sony worked with Epic Games in designing the PS5. I heard someone say the most important thing when designing a new console is not just a ”spec bump” but how it is crucial to target technology that will become the real gamechanger in years to come.
I think this further proves Sonys bet is more commited than Xbox and therefore has the potential to be much more interesting.
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