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Getting the new N64 Switch Controller working on PC (xinput and rumble working)


Aug 11, 2013
Figured it out today, it supports xinput and even rumble works and I want to share it since it looks like there isn't really a guide for this yet:

- You need the tool "betterjoy". Install it and the drivers it comes with. You can find it here

- Connect the N64 controller via Bluetooth (press the sync button and add it as a new BT controller in windows, it will show as N64 controller)

- Now open the tool "betterjoy" and click on "add controllers". Shift the "wireless controller" listed from the left to the right and choose "pro controller" in the drop down below.

-Now the controller should be detected as an xinput Xbox controller. Thats it. Now you can use the controller on PC like an Xbox controller, even rumble works now!

If you got the issue like me that the analog stick is going crazy or just jn one direction, try this:

-There is a "no original controller" setting hidden in the config file of betterjoy. Open the .config file (same folder as the exe) with notepad and set the option to "true".

-after that you will find a "calibrate" button in betterjoy. Run it once and the controller should work now.

Hope this helps some people, took me some hours to figure it out. But once you got the right steps it's a matter of minutes.
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