GOG is putting multiplayer back into Star Wars Battlefront II (Original) today

Tried Monday and Tuesday after work and couldn't get online. They seemed to have fixed the freezing bug(either that or plugging something into the headphone jack was all it took) but I can't connect to any servers as it just times out. I think it might just be because I'm trying at peak times? Like ~7PM CST.
If they provide the IP for the master list we could use it on the PlayStation 2 version as well instead of the fan run SWBFSpy replacement.
Sorry to bump such an old topic but this seemed to be the best place to ask.

Is it possible to either use SWBFSPY on xbox, or somehow connect the xbox version to these new GOG/steam servers? My friend and I want to play, but even with old games I have awful luck with PC gaming.

My xbox is modded. Or at the very least, would SWBFSPY on PS2 allow me to play with my buddy on PC?
Why is GOG getting credit for this?
Is it really so hard to read the OP?
GOG has worked with Disney to relaunch 2005's Star Wars Battlefront II's multiplayer component for Steam and GOG. This originally ended in 2014 when matchmaking middleware GameSpy shut down. Since then, people have used third-party tools to keep the game alive.


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Is it really so hard to read the OP?
not at all, it just gave no details so I'm wondering how GOG actually helped besided just attaching their name to it... You have to forgive me I can't read the article at work...