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Gotham Knights Nightwing and Redhood gameplay demo Revealed


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I wish someone new would take over batman games, I'm so tired of the Rocksteady/Monreal developed aesthetics they made for this series, always looks look dude bro batman jank with a stereotypical Unreal engine gloss. I would love to see the license go to a team that built out a beautiful aesthetic and world, dropped this ugly universe and gave us something fresh.


Any words whether this is going to be another GAAS? The fact that they haven't revealed anything else about the story than "Batman is gone. Now its up to you to defend Gotham" is worrying.


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I really want to like this but man, that was not good.

- the graphics look not even remotely as good as Arkham Knight did and that came out SEVEN years ago
- the city looks dead
- the combat looks slow, stiff and boring
- the traversal looks terrible. A glider that spawns out of thin air, really? Jump-stepping on your soul residue or whatever, REALLY?
- goofy health and ammo popups
- that cutscene in the Bellfry, what the hell was that?

Plus my personal gripe that I really, REALLY don't care about any of these playable characters. Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, I don't give a shit.


Compare it to Arkham Knight and then come back lmao
this has bargain bin written all over it
no you compare to arkhan knight, that is one of my favorite games ever, and i can say for sure it doesnt look better than this. again im not comparing the quality of the game tho

also this is in 1080p
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yeah, that looked rough. Animations are rather stiff and I can't believe how bad and uncool the traversal looks. The city looks completely empty and lifeless. What the fuck are they doing the whole time?


Gameplay looks bad, and the dialogues are hilariously terrible. Why writers nowadays think every superhero character needs to make jokes every two seconds, in both movies and games? This is bad. Also, even ignoring the jokes, they just talk too much. It reminds me of Forspoken.


Eh...I dunno. Need to see more. I'm a sucker for DC games in general but the gear score crap and questionable looking combat worries me.
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Wow, this looks goddamn bland. I wasn't entirely blown away by the original gameplay they showed, but this somehow looks even worse across the board. If I ever check this out, it certainly won't be close to launch, so I can nab it on the cheap. Shame.

Also, looking at the new footage I'm shocked it's not for previous gen, because it definitely looks dated.
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Yeah that did not look great :/ Either it's "Alpha" gameplay or they dropped the ball hard. Going on about going "next gen" only and then showing a video that looks like that AND had frame drops during that Owl fight at the end? Yeesh :/
And whoever's playing it either has one hand or it's clunky as fuck.
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