Gran Turismo 6: Photo Sharing Thread

Aside from the weird tree dithering which I've not seen in other screens, the lighting and shaders is actually seriously impressive for current gen.
Unfortunately the dithering is there constantly during gameplay on all distant alpha textures. It's hard to unsee. But considering the improvements to smoke culling and shadow jaggies, I'd say GT6 looks less horrific overall (compared to GT5).
More photos of my El Camino in action lol.

Butthole Ferrari driver tapped on the side almost causing me to spin out.

This is probably the only time an El Camino was ever hooned and won in Silverstone haha.

^^^ Cars are levitating in that last pic!

Just getting started, and I'm definitely enjoying career mode more than I ever did with GT5.

Alpine A110 @ Goodwood Hillclimb:

DC5 ITR @ Trial Mountain: