Guy spent (still going) ~$3,000 on Steam Winter Sale Badges

Is such a thing even possible?

Kinda feels like Valve is taking advantage of this guy, but whatever. He's taking advantage of his own foolishness I guess.

Bboy AJ

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That's an infinitesimal amount of money to garner attention. He should sell advertisement space on his profile.
This guys steam level is so high that he probably gets a card dropping every other second or something giving him the money to buy more cards.
I wonder what the distribution of his items are.

For those that don't know everytime you level the badge up you get a: common, rare, ultra rare, <even more rare>, <even more rare> item. I imagine some of them sell for quite a lot.
This is some serious level of nerd dick wagging I'll never understand.

I mean, having a $900 video card at least offers something, but this... is a few pixels on a screen. :/
It's not like he's doing it for the fuck of it, if he gets that super rare TF2 item this could pay off big time. It's just gambling and 3000$ isn't much in that context.
Doesn't your drop rate increase with your steam level? At level 250 how many booster packs would he get a day? Must make some decent money selling cards. Not $3,000, but surely more than I do