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Guy Who Played Spider In School Of Rock Is Now District Attorney In Texas


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Dec 3, 2013
Guy Who Played Spider In School Of Rock Is Now District Attorney In Texas

Fans of Jack Black movie School of Rock have had their minds blown after finding out that the guy who played Spider is now the district attorney of Tyler County in Texas... OK, sure.

Often when actors turn their back on the craft, it's to release a debut pop album, to release a new line of yoga attire, or to simply live out the rest of their lives lounging by the pool in a kimono - which is fair enough. I would if I could.

Not Lucas Babin, however.

You may remember him as Spider from 2003 flick School of Rock, where he was seen replacing Black's character Dewey as the lead singer in No Vacancy.

But these days, the 41-year-old is busy serving as the district attorney of Tyler County, having been elected in 2018.

Credit: Steve Stewart/Creative Commons

A Twitter user called Janel Comeau (@VeryBadLlama) shared the revelation online, writing: "The guy who played Spider in School of Rock is now the district attorney of Tyler County, Texas, and now we're all just going to have to live with this information forever."

She added: "The range, though."

The post has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 172,000+ likes and more than 25,000 retweets.

Later into the feed - clearly still mulling it over - Comeau wrote: "[Imagine] having to explain to your family that you got put away for life by the dude who gyrated on Joan Cusack in a 2003 Jack Black comedy."

Credit: Paramount

And many other people seem unable to get over the news, with one tweeting: "Not my sexual awakening revealing himself as a TEXAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL."

Another person said: "No f***ing way! 'This is Spider, he's replacing you' is said once a day in my house. Lmfaooooo."

A third fan of the movie said Babin gave them 'Harvey Dent vibes', while others remembered his character's unusual style, with a Twitter user commenting: "Surely everyone who has seen that movie remembers those leather things on his arms."

Comeau replied: "His leather arm chaps haunt me to this day."

Agreeing, another added: "His arms only leather jacket and hip sway when playing guitar still haunts me."

Many people also gave nods to his other acting credits, which over the years have included appearances as a model in Sex and the City and, better yet, Paris Hilton's love interest in the music video for 'Stars Are Blind'.

Every day's a school day, folks.


Apr 25, 2013
Haven't seen the film since it came out and don't recognize him at all.

Sex tattoo over a belly button?

Now that I certainly don't remember. Shouldn't it have arrows down? Gotta be dangerous.