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Halo 4 Boxart Revealed


A little less than an hour ago, emails were sent out to Xbox Live members titled "Your piece of the Halo 4 puzzle". Each email came with a snip of the official Halo 4 boxart, 32 pieces in all.

A fellow GAFfer, spawn031 (I believe the credit goes to him, he posted it) pieced all of it together! So, here is the boxart. Click to enlarge.


Boxart with Xbox stuff at top

Goldrusher's projected final boxart

And why not, Vire's edition, with the newest Xbox stuff at the top.

Got to say, that is some fine boxart.


Hmm... Too much going on from a composition standpoint. Looks like an over muddled Michael Bay film shot.

It's okay I guess, but I would have a preferred something a bit more simple.


While I haven't been so impressed what I have heard of the game, I will admit - thats a really nice boxart.


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A change of pace from previous box arts but I like it, except I can't unsee the Empire of the Rising Sun flag.


It looks cool, but I think it would make for a better poster than a boxart. Have to see it with the packaging/border though, to be sure.
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