Halo 4 |OT| Spartans Never Die

It looks awesome too, nice to see the Plasma Launcher lives on in spirit (models look very similar).
Hearing cortana go "I've got a plasma launcher!" in reach firefight always made me smile.

Was hoping for the return of the voices and firefight but that's cool. Hope it makes a return in 5.
For the moment. It's something we'll take a look at for a future update.
I hope campaign scoring/medals are something that is also being looked at for the future. I'm hoping it was a last minute cut considering multiplayer medals were not working at PAX in a recent build. I think not having scoring and medals in campaign/spartan ops significantly decreases the replay value. Plus its just cool seeing a string of medals pop up as you toss a grenade into a group of Grunts!
I'm really enjoying the amount of Chief/Cortana chatter throughout the game, especially since you only had her with you for the very last level in Halo 3. Master Chief has more dialogue in a single mission than he did in 1/2/3 combined too, which is cool, he feels much more 'alive' this time round.
It would be cool if Personal Ordnance were based around what was already on the map. For example if a Binary Rifle was already deployed, you wouldn't see snipers or other Binary Rifles - only sticky detonator tier weapons. The question would be should the drops start out with the least powerful weapons and get progressively moreso, or should the first player to hit a drop be awarded the better ones for being first?

Basically Cod style or Mario Kart style? Tough to say.


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HALOGAF we need your help! :(

Got a question on behalf of my cousin.

He has graciously hosted 16 player Halo LAN matches at his place.

He wants to know what he needs to make Halo 4 LAN a reality.

Because of DLC we stuck with Halo: ODST to access all of the maps on all consoles no matter what users were on. Reach added DLC that was a pain to attempt to play with because we wouldn't have the Live account that bought it on the console.

Here is what he has...

Xbox A:
-unique Live account for Xbox A
-20+ non-Live accounts for the rest of us
-Limited Edition Halo 4

Xbox B:
-unique Live account for Xbox B
-20+ non-Live accounts for the rest of us
-Regular Halo 4 with DLC purchased

Xbox C:
-unique Live account for Xbox C
-20+ non-Live accounts for the rest of us
-Regular Halo 4 with DLC purchased

Xbox D:
-unique Live account for Xbox D
-20+ non-Live accounts for the rest of us
-Regular Halo 4 with DLC purchased

We don't care about the armour stuff really we'll see how that plays out maybe we will later...but for now having 4 accounts for each of us on each machine is ok.

So he's gonna get the limited edition for his manroom Xbox. Regular editions for all other Xboxes.

The Plan:
Purchase DLC on all the consoles with each unique Live Account per console so that any user of that machine has access to it. The hope is that because it was downloaded to that machine by a Live account that it will be public to non-Live users on that machine only.

Now when he buys DLC which he has to do with each separate account...is it like Reach where the other users won't be able to access them?

Its ironic that Halo really boosted the idea of LAN play but with DLC and all that junk Halo 4 may not be LAN friendly. If it weren't for ODST I'd say the same about Halo 3.

Reach was horrible for LAN splitscreen because the graphics were broken. You couldn't see a guy in front of you even though he was on your radar. Let's hope Halo 4 isn't like that.
Want to know what is torture? Having the game show up on your door early while working from home but NOT BEING ABLE TO OPEN IT BECAUSE YOU ARE WORKING.


Least im going tonight to get my console.
Holy fuck, this OST is amazing.

Were people saying it's bad before?
The problem I have with the OST is that, whilst it really is a collection of some incredibly good pieces of music, it doesn't really 'feel' right in a Halo game. It's really nice to listen to, but I dunno... It's like playing a Zelda game with a Mario soundtrack or something, it just feels a bit off.
Figured that was it. Must be non chain stores I imagine, i find it hard to believe larger stores would break the street date.
I may sound like a bitter, jelly loser for this, but I can't imagine feeling the same excitement snagging a copy well before launch night. I dunno, just never really been one to want to open my Christmas presents early, so to speak. :p
A few hours left from work before vacation time, and 10.5 hours left until launch here. I am ready for a week long LAN party.

And since I'm like 75% sure that Soundcloud never got around to approving my soundtrack remix, I'm gonna post it here. I tried to write a track exploring Cortana's impending rampancy. Let me know if anyone likes it!

Halo 4 - Awakening (Rampancy)
The new Waypoint is pretty awesome.
It's approaching Bungie.net levels of win in terms of War Games global & player stats/files/logistics, but I really hope the "playlists" tab on Halo 4 intel will start specifying gametype settings, and tracking changes over the course of the life of War Games playlists.

Then Forgers playtesting their maps have an easier time of having the most up-to-date settings, for honing maps they hope to get through a Community Cartographer to incorporate into a Community playlist whenever that goes active.

(the gametypes currently aren't linked to any descriptions like the map descriptions are but they are also "vanilla" gametypes on-disc far as I know)

Or, maybe the vanilla War Games gametype variants in our custom games local files will sync/update with the Active Playlists? They have a mandatory install of about 2 gigs for War Games, so some feature like that might have been planned/implemented for those online when they sign in to XBL.

In any case, streamlining the playlists into one gametype per playlist hopper will make getting the updated version of that gametype easier as they inevitably start changing playlist settings...
it really is, it really is...
so many fantastic gifs will come out of this game.

its just a real shame that there is no theater/screenshot function for campaign. wallpapers for the rest of my life would have been secured.

How would you rate Halo 4´s campaign in comparison to the other Halo campaigns?

How is the framerate? Better than Anniversary`s?
Halo 4 does not feature Smartglass functionality. The video shown at E3 was just a proof of concept. The Xbox Live Waypoint app will feature Smartglass functionality, but we don't know what it is.
Seriously? Man, that makes me sad. I was really excited to see what Halo 4 offered for Smart Glass. Even just viewing your post match stats on it would have been nice. If you were messing with load outs your guest could be looking at the stats from the last match etc.