Halo |OT3| Remember Reach?

THC is doing great work for the community.
I'm actually really glad the Halo community is still active even though Reach was such a low point, and CoD has taken over the FPS scene since around 2008ish.

I hope more communities like THC begin to emerge and the community can grow to like it was in the Halo:CE, Halo 2 days.

The Cortana I know has two huge crescent moons with a butterfly tramp stamp. I dig that. The flat mom jeans look in that H4 pic has got to go.
I don't agree with kylej much, but when I do, it's about the backside of an imaginary, imaginary person.

Also, after looking up Gilmore stats and video from last year in the SEC I'm pretty jazzed.

Get up, Bills Mafia.
I think the Bills are going to be sort of good. I don't know if Bills fans will be able to handle it.
LOL at sleuth Nexy on Social Skirmish. He's the Halo Community Gotcha Media!
TBH with you, the way that MP details have been divulged has been quite annoying. I appreciate Frankie/Ellis coming in here to clarify certain details. But I Feel that there should have been a better way to introduce elements (certainly the controversial parts) of the game to the public.
Yeah, I agree, the way info has come out has been very awkward and haphazard IMO, things defintely could and should have been more clear. I hope we get more info in the future in a more solid manner, even say if we get something like a MP trailer that kinda lets us see the actions in motion, like the Reach MP beta trailer.

The visuals are great, but the design nice as well. It's a UNSC ship, but the architecture is very different from previous human themed areas.
Yeah, that SP screen made me say holy shit out loud when I saw it, its art design is so awesome, and the graphical presentation is stunning.
Another nice quote from that article:

343 is already giving Halo 4 the largest levels the series has ever seen, the most feature-intense multiplayer yet, and a new online co-op campaign in Spartan Ops--not to mention richer sound and visuals.

"We are still pushing more and more of the graphics. We had one guy at the showcase who thought this was the next-gen preview. I wouldn't go that far, but it does look good. There is still more and more to be squeezed out of the box," said O'Connor
Lol, wasn't that the guy from gaf who posted in the spring showcase thread (citing his reactions from when he saw the game at the showcase)? None the less, the game does look stunning.
As long as they have a controlled pacing and structure like The Covenant and I'm not wandering around a highlighted city so I can play Where's Waldo with the next item to activate the next mission like ODST, I'm game for lager levels.
First ever BTB game on Tempest... I had the most kills on my team... I accidentally betray...booted..

FUCKING fix the fucking betrayals in H4..
REach at launch had waay more fun playlists... shame.
I had to suffer a Heavies game to get to this one too.

I used to play 20 games + I can barely stand 3 now..