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Halo Wars 2 Open Beta to take place next week - June 13 to 20 [Up: Screenshots Leak]

I've just published this news on my site and thought you could be interested: (site is Italian, but this is an english translation) http://www.mondoxbox.com/en/news/55...-beta-will-take-place-from-june-13-to-20.html

So, this was tipped by a user who, looking at Major Nelson's XBL profile, saw he was following "Halo Wars 2 Open Beta". I checked it and found the store entry, where it says it will start June 13 and will run through the 20th. Never heard about this, so I presume this was probably meant to be an "available now!" moment during their briefing.

Couple of screens I took (Italian store, sorry):

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RyanW said:



Wonderful news. Can't wait to try it out. I loved the first game and I pretty much haven't played an RTS since. I was a PC and console gamer around the time it released but pretty much have been console only since. I wonder if I'll still be into it. Very excited to find out! :D


I really want more time to be able to delve through their API's to be able to find things like this.

Really excited for this!


Amazing. Welp, so long to my Overwatch team next week. I'm going to play as much of this as I can.


Is it Xbox One only?

I still have to upgrade to Windows 10, but will move up my timeline a bit if it's on PC too.

Yes. Here's a better version of the image:

No new units based on that image, although the brutes around the Chieftain don't look exactly like jetpack brutes. Could be something new.


Being able to play games -during- E3 as they're being presented is awesome and I hope to see more of it.
I was expecting info and a launch date, but this is better. I'm curious to play CA's vision of Halo Wars and had been hoping to see some comprehensive gameplay footage, but getting our hands on it is a step above that.

Even if it's underwhelming, at least we don't have to wait until it launches to temper expectations. Really hoping for the best, though, and I'd probably overlook a lot of stuff if the mechanics and interface are solid


Please also have more factions. Forerunner would be dope, even if the only vehicle they currently have is the Phaeton.

Is it Xbox One only?

I still have to upgrade to Windows 10, but will move up my timeline a bit if it's on PC too.

It's not showing those "Available on" icons for me. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's on W10, too. They probably want to test cross-play, right?

Thank you very much for the information I appreciate it ALL UNITS!



God i hope this is on PC too. I need to know how it'll play on PC.

Seriously. I NEED THIS

Connects XB1 just in case


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Awesome!! Looks like it would have been an "and it's available right now!" moment, but now we know we all know. Which is kind of a shame, but still - wooo!
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