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Headstrong announce Action-RPG Seeker

We’re very proud to announce our new game, Seeker. It’s an action RPG set in space with lots of tech, aliens, plasma weapons and, of course, loot! It’s been a manic few weeks getting it ready to show at GDC but we’re finally there and it feels good to be heading out to the show with something we really believe in. There’s a video and some screen shots here to give you an idea of the game-play and setting. We’ll be updating the blog regularly with more info as the development progresses.

4 player co-op etc, sounds pretty cool

Platforms: PC and console

Headstrong website + trailer



Looks like they just updated their website with three more projects:

SNO (PC and Console)

Clear the ice and snow that have blanketed your world. Encounter and defeat mysterious ice demons intent on holding back Spring. Discover ancient secrets and paths through the frozen wasteland as the Gods guide you on your journey.

SNO toys with your expectations, leaving you wondering whether you’re a dead soul raised to tend a magical land, or an android designed to repair a deserted spacecraft. As you emerge from your grave-like stasis chamber, it’s apparent a catastrophe has occurred – the world is carpeted in a thick layer of snow. As you clear the ice and snow, you reveal verdant patches of grass that catch the light and start to fend off the creeping frost.




Constructobots (PC and Console)

Video showing off customization possibilities

Design and build ever-more powerful robots, adventure and battle through dangerous, alien worlds and seek out new components to extend your powers. Whether you’re going it alone or playing with friends, your mission is clear...

Constructobots is an expandable, digital download title, where you can purchase packs of components, the latest robot designs and challenging new environments that deepen and extend your involvement with the game.




Strung Up (iOS/Android)

Strung Up is a physics based puzzle adventure, where everything you see is suspended by string! Guide your marionette through fiendish traps and puzzles; defeat string-puppets and escape the abstract wooden landscape in this twisted fairy tale, where Abe’s Odyssey meets Little Big Planet.



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