Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice | Screenshot Thread


I'd be in the dick
My favorite I've taken so far. It was in the Pro 60fps mode so IQ isn't great. Doing another playthrough now in the high res mode for screenshot purposes.

Doesn't speak highly of the game itself....
Can't speak for that poster but it's not really a game with replay value, no matter how much you enjoy the first run. I liked it a lot but might as well hit the uninstall button right now unless I want to dive in for some photos later. I uninstall almost every game immediately after beating them.
cant wait to let my 1080 ti tear into this game. haven't really been following it, not sure it's something i want to pick up right away but looks like some next gen shit
I've got such a backlog of games but still really tempted to buy this... some very pretty screens. Would probably look great on my 1440p/144Hz...
Doesn't speak highly of the game itself....
If you asked me now I'd have trouble speaking highly about it to be honest. Lasted 1-2 hours too long, and really started to feel like a slog towards the end. I just wanted to fast forward the terrible, never-ending combat battles and puzzles just to see how the story ended. Was tough.