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Horizon v Ratchet v Demon Souls Next Gen Comparison

Which game looks the best?

  • Demon's Souls

    Votes: 39 16.9%
  • Ratchet Rift Apart

    Votes: 113 48.9%
  • Horizon Forbidden West

    Votes: 79 34.2%

  • Total voters


Jun 11, 2019
1) Ratchet&Clank Rift Apart
+ a lot of shit on screen at once
+ raytracing to some extent
+ SSD "tech"
+ open world-ish
- 30fps only?
2) Horizon Forbidden West
+ huge open world
+ visually stunning
- ugly human models vs DeS RE LINK
- 30 fps only?
- no raytracing
3) Demon´s Souls Remake
+ 60fps
+ makes use of GI (i believe)
+ better facia, facial animations, better looking humans than HFW LINK
+ when inside/dark&"firey", absolutely stunning
+ lets not forget the first time seeing vanguard
- when outside, the visual impact is not there due the blue filter ...
- no raytracing
- feels more like tech demo
- not open world, draw distance relatively low
Ugly human models compared to demons because of that shitty pic? is it a joke?

I don't even need horizon 1, even killzone shadowfall, a ps4 launch titles has better human characters, cmon...

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Feb 15, 2013
Tough one as they all are very different genres and designs.

Overrall probably Horizon from what I saw at least in parts; the underwater scene looked mind boggling. I need to see more of Ratchet tbh.

Demon's IQ/textures are the greatest out there.
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Phone reception is more important to me than human rights
Jun 1, 2013
horizon for me.

Also on a side... Is a good example and Dead's the narrative that cross gen hurts current gen.
I think its easier to make compromises on visuals vs game design tho. And is the point many were trying to make all these months.

This game is gonna start, restart some interesting conversations.
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Apr 26, 2010
Do be completely honest here I find that Horizon gif in the original post disappointing. Yes, it is extremely detailed and good looking but it is also badly animated, almost sterile. Look at the foliage, it moves in predetermined ways but shows zero interaction with the character. Look close enough and you will even see how Aloy is clipping right through the plant on the right. That is like the very opposite I expect from next-gen titles.