How hard is it to implement bots and LAN on console?

This is a legitimate question as I'm genuinely curious. I have this fear that these online only games I'm purchasing now will be unplayable a few years down the road and it really bothers me. LawBreakers is one such game that would have been a day one purchase had it had the option to play offline against bots.

One good thing about Call of Duty is that the series guarantees longevity with split screen, bot, and LAN options in every title.
Can't speak for LAN but bot support is incredibly difficult unless you want super simple bots with A to B waypoints.

Especially if the game is complex.

That said, I rather have dumb bots than zero not support. Rather shoot at that than just the wall.

I do wish that every MP game had bots, it'd be a dream.
I don't get the question.

It's as hard as in PC. It really depends on how complex the game is and if developers want to invest time and money into programming an AI, which can be very difficult.

Also, at least to mention an example, every multiplayer Nintendo title nowadays supports LAN.
Good bots in complex games are hard to make.

Can’t charge people a monthly fee for LAN multiplayer. Also can’t shutdown LAN when the sequel comes around.
I'm not sure, but 007 nightfire had some decent bots for a game made 14 years ago. I did read that they had trouble navigating the map at times, but I liked the personalities they had.
For something as complicated as Overwatch or other modern shooters, I'm sure its extremely challenging to make a competent bot.
I don't think they want people playing LAN while online is still around. What they should do though, just as a gesture, is give all games a final LAN enabling patch whenever online functionality gets shutdown for good (RIP Resistance 2 etc).

I know that you could pretty much count the number of PS3 games with LAN mode on one hand, here is the list just off the top of my head:

Call of Duty: World at War
Red Dead Redemption
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Warhawk (four player splitscreen on LAN no less!)
Lord of the Rings: War in the North (great coop game)

360 was a lot better with its system link etc, but I'd be surprised if any more console games get released with the functionality these days. My advice is look at Steam when it comes to non-local multiplayer games and collecting/archiving etc.
Honest question OP, why do you need to play all of the games you've purchased years in the future?

There are many classic games that this makes sense for, but in general games don't make the same leaps that they did between say NES and Super Nintendo. For the most part, if you own the most recent version of the game, you've got the best version. In the event that a better one exists (and online is important), few human players probably play it and it isn't nearly as exciting. If you want to LAN, you need like 8 people with the console and the game.
The best bots ever. Period. Difficulty scaling and behavioral patterns. I have never had as much fun with bot matches as I did with Perfect Darks bots. not to mention the amount of bots you can add too. And weapons. Damn. I need to boot up that XBLA remake.
Never played Perfect Dark on the N64. I thought Unreal Tournament did bots really well though on the Dreamcast