I hate decorative pillows

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Morning:wake up, make bed, put decorative pillows on top of normal pillows.
Night: take decorative pillows off bed, get in bed, go to sleep.

Its a fucking never ending cycle. Put them on, take them off. Why the hell do we even bother with these damn things? You don't use them to comfort your head as you sleep so what good are they?

Because they are pretty is not a sufficient answer.


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Why even bother making your bed then?

You're just going to mess it all up soon enough. It's a never ending cycle of fixing it and messing it up every day and night.

Decorative pillows looking pretty is basically the only sufficient answer as they serve no other purpose.
DonMigs85 said:
Decorative pillows are only for fancy pretentious folk. They serve no functional purpose.
Then I guess I'm fancy and pretentious. I have always had at least 2 decorative pillows on my bed. Have ever since I was a kid. Now im closer to 30 than 20 and I still have 2 decorative pillows on my bed. Its just that the whole routine seems ridiculous. I mean as I sleep the pillows sit on the floor next to my bed. Its such a stupid thing and I curse my mother for instilling the need to have them in me.


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they are the best pillows to fling. they aren't fluffy, usually rigid to keep their decorative state so when you fling they inflict massive amounts of damage, especially the pointy ends.
I don't know. I quite like them; my family sends me some occasionally and I just use them as foot stools when I'm sleeping. Works wonders.


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i agree, decorative pillows fucking suck. just give me a smooth, featureless, functional pillow to rest my head on when i go to sleep.

i don't want decorative patterns gouging rivers and craters into my face over a long sleep. i wake up feeling like one side of my face is the side of a planet.
jump_button said:
I hate them on the sofa they just get in the bloody way
Any couch pillow must also be able to function as a regular pillow in an emergency. If I'm crashing hard in the living room, I can't have some shitty bedazzled pattern imprinted onto my face when I awake.
I have a bunch of them. All of them serving a purpose.

The Ikea heart plush is the one I use the most when I'm reading in bed. It fits properly with the back of my head and PROPELS me a bit so I can be more comfortable.

When it's sleepytime I also like to hold on to that one. I also have two more regular ass pillows (square shaped, also from Ikea, the cheapest ones). I like to put one of those in between my knees if I lay sideways.

My cats like to have them around too.

They also annoy my girlfriend to no end. In fact, she violently threw one at my face tonight IN HER SLEEP, claiming that she just meant to put it down on the ground.

But yeah, they are an annoyance to most.
Glasswork said:
Is ALL decor for fancy pretentious folk or is this hate only towards pillows?
Pretty much, if it doesn't serve any function or at least isn't neutral convenience wise.

Having fancy lighting in and around your house is fine, paintings and pictures help break up flat surfaces which in turn improves accoustics in your living room (barren walls suck for playing music or watching movies with loud speakers) and they are 0 maintenance).

But going out of your way with pointless decorations that you have to waste time and effort on for zero return every day? yes...
Plush bedspreads are nice to look at - but for functional purposes, I'd stick with

on a queen sized bed

fitted sheet, flat sheet, quilt, 2 pillows on the inside to match the fitted and flat sheets and 2 pillows to match the quilt cover. And one bolster if you need a bolster. And finally one throw; you can fold it up and put it near the foot of your bed - it helps to provide extra warmth on colder nights - if you don't use them, just keep them over your shins. Nice added weight there.

In that setup, all the elements of the bed are used and functional and serve towards an attractive presentation.

On a king bed, I'd allow for an extra 2 square shaped pillows to complement the rest.

More than that, and you're really just taking shots for magazines - extra pillows that end up on the floor at night are not necessary.


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You put up with them because your gf wants to have them there.

Pretty much the same answer as to the question "why does anyone spend boatloads of money on a fucking wedding".
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