I need help to identify a French thriller/slasher film that I loved. (Spoiler alert)


Tears in the rain
It's not an old movie. It''s pretty recent. It's about two guys who might or might have not murdered a chick. They go on a drinking spree and partying but find themselves targeted by a killer driving a black taxi car. He's a beast and brutally kills anyone that gets in his way, including multiple cops.

Eventually he captures on of the guys, and...suddenly the back story is revealed. It all started with a samurai in Ancient Japan who was held captive for his crimes by a man who taught him to redeem himself by targeting evil doers. The captive guy accepts the situation and does what all men before him did, admit to his crime in a diary and train in his cell. Because the chain of redemption via murder is passed along, and for basically centuries.

At the end, the killer (he was a corrupt cop that abused his wife, and also wrote his sins in the diary) gives him his clothes and his black taxi and leaves because he has fulfilled his mission. The guy, immediately sees two guys about to rape a woman and as massive EDM/Techno song plays, and he goes to kill them as the new "samurai" that will eventually train another to continue the chain.

Fucking badass and cool movie but...I can't remember the fucking title. I want to watch it again. What is it? Help me GAF?!!!
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"A night of reunion in Paris goes horribly wrong for two friends when they recklessly decide to mess with the wrong taxi driver"

I'm so gonna watch this.


Tears in the rain
He sounds like the sort of hard-nosed taxi driver that "sometimes bends the rules, but often gets results".
Oh results he gets. He never speaks (except from a voice over when the "hero" reads the diary), and kills the fuck outta people. Cops he kills were pieces of shit too, and he knows because he was a cop before. A huge hulking beast of a man, covered in tattoos that plows through people.
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