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I should have listened to you all about Vampire Survivors


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It's got that 'just one more run' thing going for it. I think the fact that each run is relatively short (max 30 minutes) is one of the big things that appeals to me.


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TGA Indie Game of the year 100%.
Should probably be atleast nominated for full on GOTY too, but we know how the press will just forget they are on crack.


Tried this a while back and it was fun for a few rounds but I didn't end up playing it much.

Decided to download it again tonight and it's now 3:30 AM. Been glued to it for hours and I know I haven't seen anything yet. I started to think of different builds to try and things actually worked out. The sense of progression in this game is incredibly good. It's very reminiscent of NES games back in the day for several reasons. Can't wait to play more.


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I think it's cool, but I'm really not getting why it's been SO lavishly praised. I play a round, maybe two and then I'm out, it's definitely not as addictive as some other run-based games I've played.

Still think it's awesome that a £3 game or whatever it is is gonna be on so many GOTY lists though.


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My god, this game is basically crack. I downloaded it yesterday on PC game pass, thinking I'd give it a shot and play for a few minutes.
I've since played about 6 hours! When I'm not playing, I'm thinking about it. I thought I was burned out on Roguelites, but apparently not.
This might be my GOTY!
There's a whole world out there, filled with these now.

And the OG that people seem to overlook now that VS has taken over the reigns:

I've been really enjoying Brotato loads myself lately. It's a bit annoying with the bosses sometimes just destroying you but otherwise it's also very much like crack.
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It's 75 degrees in NYC and I'm sitting inside playing this fucking game.

I'm forcing myself to close it right now.


I do not understand the hype about this game. But more power to you if you like it.

Yep would much rather fire up Path of Exile, Grim Dawn or another arpg for this kind of fix. Or even Hades for rogue lite elements.

It's not that I dislike this, it's just lacking that bit extra for me to sink time into it.

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This game was fantastic even when it was only two stages in EA. The core gameplay loop is perfect.

I jumped back into it after the 1.0 release and there’s a lot more to do! New characters are great.
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I've been thinking of making an OT for these sort of games but just haven't been able to think of what to call it.

My favorites that I've played (and I've played quite a few): I rank all these better than Vampire Survivors for the most part

This one doesn't have a lot of content but I've put a load of hours into it. There is new content coming soon and it looks like it adds more than double the amount of content. Maybe my favorite one out of them all.

A little different than the others but lots of depth and fun already.

This one is slept on pretty hard but deserves a look.

And of course this one, the most expensive and highest budget one.

And the OG that people seem to overlook now that VS has taken over the reigns:

That's funny, I was just playing that on my steam deck the other day. They didn't realize they had struck gold with that formula but no one capitalized on it then.
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