If there is a Mass Effect trilogy remaster + all DLC for PS4/X1, would you get it?

Jul 27, 2018
I remember switching discs for Mass Effect 2 and 3. Mass Effect 3 was especially bad, making us switch several times.

*Also remembers the "good ol days" of 4-disc Final Fantasies.*
I'd forgotten all about the 360 using DVDs, the PS3 trilogy had 1 disc per game.

I'd love a remaster, as a console gamer the image quality would be a significant improvement. EA seem more open to remasters now, since they released Burnout Paradise again.
Nov 3, 2013
I remember switching discs for Mass Effect 2 and 3. Mass Effect 3 was especially bad, making us switch several times.

*Also remembers the "good ol days" of 4-disc Final Fantasies.*
And it was very retarded because you could install games into the HD and still the games required you to swap discs, I mean WHAT'S THE PURPOSE OF INSTALLING THEN??
May 11, 2011
Generally I wouldnt.
ME2 is one of the greatest games of all time IMO, but I dont have the time or motivation to play through it again.
On the other hand, if a trilogy remaster included updating ME3's multiplayer (extra maps, weapons and characters. New shiny graphics etc. non-region locked game search), then I would DEFINITELY buy that remaster.
Apr 27, 2011
What is this? A necro thread?
Whatever... It's still relevant.

I got the trilogy on PS3 and It run horribly with frame-rate drops and long loading screens. I've chosen a Fem-shep opposite to my actual sex, and I immediately regretted it after in an immersive game like this I've chosen some wrong dialogues and Jacob started hitting on me. Also.... some DLCs where missing...
I would welcome a re-release on current Gen consoles.

Also... I would greatly wellcome if it gets the Metro-Redux treatment. In the redux collection of the first two mentro games, they gave you the ability to swap the gameplay focus, as the original game was all about stealth and survival and the second all about action. It would be nice if you could replay all 3 games with the RPG emphasis of the first game or the pure tps of the 3rd.


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Oct 27, 2017
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I still have my PS3 and its library.

Played ME2. Pretty good. Not exceptional but entertaining and worth the money. I enjoyed ME2.

ME3 I got too but it felt as a re-skin with a much weaker story. Don't think I finished it. Can't really say I miss this game or want to play it again.

Would I buy a ME1-3 remaster? Maybe. for 20$ perhaps. Not sure I would play it but it would be nice on the shelf.
Might play it for ME1 which I never played. Possibly (a big possibly, since it was not THAT good) replay ME2.
ME3 no thanks.

I dodged a bullet with ME:A. I will never play that game.
Jul 24, 2018
Honestly, a remastered ME1 and 2 along with essentially a remake of ME3 that ends the game properly would be amazing. I'd be done for an across the board remake of ME3. Just throw it out and come up with something that's actually satisfying. Almost no one was happy with the way ME3 wrapped up the series. It was so dumb.
Nov 4, 2017
For probably $20. Can't see myself putting 100s of hours into a game I've already completed anytime soon.

A remaster/remake of ME 1 with the ME 2/3 combat system would be great to at least give a trial run.
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Jan 12, 2018
Almost no one was happy with the way ME3 wrapped up the series. It was so dumb.
I must be the 'only' one then who was ambivalent, because I played ME3 one month after its release & whilst I'd heard how bad the ending was, when I got there I was left totally unmoved - either in terms of positive or negative. I mean something really obvious needs to be stated here: every major decision Mass Effect gave us throughout the entire trilogy, i.e. even the grandest, ended in total damp squib no-effect territory. ME2 was a total "smackdown" for every one us who believed our decisions in ME1 would actually matter. Anderson or Udina on the council? F-off, nothing changes beyond a (glitched) cutscene. Ditto the surviving squadmates from ME2 in ME3: they were effectively written out or easily replaced. The most important squadmate in ME3 was a goddamn DLC! (the Prothean).

So the writing was on the wall vis-à-vis a streamlined ending, ergo I'd invite all the gamers who were 'disappointed' to replay the rest (or at least re-visit their decisions) & tell us how & when any decision ever changed the game dramatically. It never did, because when one person or people died, they were instantly replaced with a substitute who performed the same task.

The ending reflected the entire series, just not peoples expectations & hopes.
Jan 12, 2018
Game got a bad rap. They made a few really bad missteps, but there's a damn good game in there if you look past all the memes and the hate bandwagon.
I disagree. The combat is janky as hell, for starters. The whole auto-cover system is knackered (i.e. imprecise) & they removed some of the most enjoyable class based skills, such as Infiltrator's bullet time effect - just for reasons of multiplayer compatibility (because matches cannot integrate a time slow down). Add the fact the story is an affront to the actual lore of the universe (a billion credit exploration scheme to another galaxy in the midst of the Reaper threat in the first trilogy? i.e. when the council races couldn't agree on anything? How about no) & voilà, massive disapointment.

None of the decisions matter either, likewise the artstyle is totally questionable (Arizona in space!). I needn't even mention the whole rehashed collectathon issue as well, i.e. Dragon Age Inquisition's busywork applied to ME Andromeda as faux filler (with the ultimate 'joke' being the seemingly trillions of various weapons... all with samey stats).

So no, they earned the so-called 'hate' & the "my face is tired" meme was the least of the game's problems.
Nov 18, 2012
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My GF really likes watching me play story based single player games and I can think of no better fit than Mass Effect, but it has to be polished up a bit I'd think, she's only been exposed to the very newest games.
Nov 3, 2013
Let's hope BW can work on it after they release Anthem. Would be cool if they made some kind of "Mass Effect crossover" with N7 armors or a Goliath droid if you buy it.
Oct 13, 2014
Nah, I have the PC version. They had to put some real effort into this for me buying it: distinct higher resolution textures, new meshes/modells, 4k (preferable at 60fps or at least options), higher difficulty levels. When I'm tinking about it, better yet, make an Unreal 4 based remake with combat controls at least on Andromeda level, also for Mass Effect 1. Yep. I would buy then.