IGN: Exclusive re-reveal of a *Long Forgotten* Game Tomorrow [Up:Wrong Answers In OP]

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Hilary Goldstein twitter


Hilary Goldstein said:
Wow. Saw the game trailer of the year just now. Holy crap. You will see it exclusively on IGN tomorrow. WOW.

Hilary Goldstein said:
It's for a game that was announced a long time ago, forgotten, and is being re-introduced. A CG trailer, but shocking and unforgettable.
aegies as of Post 132 said:
No one has guessed correctly. And the trailer really is phenomenal, a word I don't use lightly.

At this point, I would also put money on no one guessing correctly.
aegies said:
Regardless of whether you find the game exciting, the trailer is damned well done.

start guessing!


-Pyromaniac- said:
Since nobody reads I made a list of all the notable games it's confirmed NOT to be:

Beyond Good and Evil 2
Colonial Marines
Hitman 5
Episode 3
Metroid Dread
Thief 4
Max Payne 3
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Duke Nukem Forever
Spec Ops: The Line
Eight Days
Prey 2
Doom 4
Jade Empire 2
Dead Island
I Am Alive
Dragon Quest X
StarCraft Ghost

And he even said that he'd put money on nobody getting it which means nobody was close at this point (post 132)
Empty said:
beyond good & evil 2!!

it's not going to be beyond good & evil 2
that's my second guess, remake is releasing soon, Ubi had it's Q3 report and usually publishers announce things around this time, the one CG trailer they released is very impressive too, so it fits! /wishful thinking
Hearing someone call a CGI trailer for a videogame from a major publisher - no doubt bombastically well produced - "shocking" and "unforgettable" just makes me shake my head and chuckle.

Man, maybe I've just become too jaded for this motherfucking hype machine from marketing departments and their people.
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