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Im at a loss with regards to my Xbox One uplosd speed


Aug 25, 2019
So I've always had my Xbox One X connected by lan to router. I have a 1 Gigabit internet service.
When I run the speed test on my Xbox it gives me :
Download 680 Mbps
Upload 36 Mbps
Latency 38 ms

On WiFi I'm at:
Download 440 Mbps
Upload 180 Mbps
Latency 52 ms

When I ran the speed test on my laptop using the same lan cord my Xbox uses I got in 700s for both download and upload.

I just replaced my network with Cat 6 cords and the house is only 6 years old and has Cat 5e in the walls.

I also have an open NAT and my Xbox is in DMZ.

I really want to get the higher uplaad speeds I should be getting to improve FPS games like Modern Warfare.
Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?
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