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Intel 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake CPU pricing leaked by Newegg


New build tho?

For a new build I would go for Raptor Lake or Zen4. Not so much because of cost/performance, but because they already have support for PCIe Gen5, DDR5, etc. So as a platform, they will last longer.
Zen4 might have an edge as it will support several generations of AMD CPUs, so a few years from now, you can easily upgrade your CPU to a Zen5 or Zen6, without having to change everything.


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I’m very tempted to upgrade from my 10700k. Will probably wait for pci-e 5.0 storage to be available and then the refreshed chips like the 6ghz Intel or the 7800x3d


For pure gaming, is the 5800x3D the best price to performance value if you include mobo costs?

5800X3D is definitely not a good price-to-performance CPU. To make proper use of it you need to either have the highest-end GPU (6800XT/3080 or better) or play very specific games like WoW, MSFS etc that are highly CPU dependant. If you pair a 5800X3D with something like say a 6600XT or 3060 you're just throwing your money away if you play typical AAA games.
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Ruh oh.

Raptor Lake cheaper and Ryzen 7000 series
DDR4 compatible
Better single and multi-threaded performance
More overclocking room


i3 12100 is better value now, but the i5 12400 will last more years so it's better value overall

I don't know about that, in the latest two most cpu demanding games (spiderman and cyberpunk), the 12100 does not show any signs of slowing down. Games are not as parallelizable as people tend to think.


cool, i will likely sell my delided+copper ihs 12700k below market value and pay the difference for 13700K


Still on an 8700k. Delided and OCd to 4.9 and still works great. Might get a 13700k. Waiting for reviews to drop.


Seems like the 5800x3D is an overengineered product so both companies don't know what to do with it.
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