Is Silent Hills a multiplatform title?

Why was P.T. a PS4 exclusive anyways? Does Sony have like a no-cost for putting something on PSN anymore whereas other services still do? I think I heard something about that with indie games. That'd make sense as it was a free thing with no way of them making money off of.
I think it has more to do with the X1 running Fox Engine like absolute garbage than a real deal.
I'm sure Hideo didn't want the unveiling of the scariest hallway simulator ever to be running at 720p with a variable framerate.


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It'd be funny if Microsoft somehow money-hatted it as an Xbox One exclusive, with P.T being only on PS4.

By funny I mean sad and ridiculous.
There's an incoming Konami exclusive for Playstation. Is it this or a mythological new Suikoden? Dun dun dun.

Anyway, this game isn't that far along apparently.
This is Kojima though, I don't think he would want to make an exclusive... Not after bringing MGSV to everywhere (except Wii U).

...unless it's the only way that Konami would approve it is with Sony money.
Also is the genre, as in proper survival horror, healthy enough to get big name game done without outside funding?

Though if we can read anything into what has happened with SFV, if Sony has "snatched" Silent Hills then we are likely to see PC version also.

This is just me guessing stuff of course.

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Kojima is insane, anything goes!
This is one of the series that needs as much exposure as possible for a revival. Not to mention how fitting it would be as a horror game for the let's play youtubers.

I think Konami would let it go multiplat, I will be surprised if they don't.


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It wouldn't surprise me if it were PS4 exclusive, Japanese developers don't seem interested in Xbone at all. SH is the kind of mid-revenue franchise that exclusivity benefits.
I think it has more to do with the X1 running Fox Engine like absolute garbage than a real deal.
I'm sure Hideo didn't want the unveiling of the scariest hallway simulator ever to be running at 720p with a variable framerate.
Probably, but I don't know why. Kojima said they scaled the graphics back so no one would think it was from a big studio. 720p would fit that, and XB1 is known for sub 1080p games.
A new, good Silent Hill could easily benefit from more broad exposure, thus jump-starting the series.
Multiplatform release could be the best way to get this series back on its feet by scaring the most amount of people as it can.

However, a couple things:

-Silent Hill, although carrying with it a dedicated fan base, isn't exactly a massive series. It's a survival horror series that, at its core, is about psychological & metaphysical trauma. It's never carried the mainstream appeal of something like Resident Evil.

-Quite frankly, the series has been in a downward death spiral since post SH3... which came out in 2003. Konami has been treating it like an unwanted guest & has been pooping out outsourced, poorly managed 'sequels' trying to suck in any kind of revenue from brand recognition that they could. The inexcusable failure of SH HD Collection, shameful QC & overall marketing of Downpour, & Vita's Book of Memories shows me that Konami pretty much threw their hands up and said "fuck it".

Why the major push for a new, hype building SH with Kojima, Del Toro, & a Hollywood actor all the sudden? Did Konami have a change of heart or was this a move inspired by financial backing/support by someone like Sony?
PT was a major topic of attention & conversation for the PS4 this year.

Guess we'll find out next year (?)- but resurrecting the series as a co-published/developed Sony game would not surprise me. It could have the potential for low risk/medium cost/high reward as a straight-up exclusive.
When has anyone ever done this (exclusive to Japan)? People have been saying this a lot as of late; it's ridiculous.
Well it has been happening.

Destiny Exclusive to PS3 & PS4 in Japan

Batman: Arkham Knight Exclusive to PS4 in Japan

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Exclusive to PS4 in Japan

It was said in one of the Dengeki Playstation threads that MGS V might become Playstation Exclusive in Japan.
Bigger publishers can't afford to keep games exclusive this generation, not unless they're being paid for. So Unless Sony is backing it it's going to be on everything Konami can get it on.

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Probably too far off/early in development.

That said, I'm pretty sure with the super positive response to P.T. that they're thinking about platforms right now, making deals. I'd be kind of shocked if it was PS4-only, though, but at the same time I can see Sony trying to get that exclusive due to the success of P.T. P.T. is exclusive to PS4 and will stay that way for the foreseeable future, but I recall it being said platforms weren't decided yet on Silent Hills.